"Merian Chrysalis Investment" stock price discrepancy

I purchased Merian Chrysalis Investment stock on my ISA account some time ago, its ticker on trading212 is MERI, and ISIN (International Securities Identification Number
(International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) Definition)) code is GG00BGJYPP46.
Its ticker is changed to CHRY recently. The document is published here: Proposed Change of Name - 15:38:35 25 Nov 2020 - MERI News article | London Stock Exchange

The problem is that, the price of the stock listed in Trading212 platform is diverged from the actual price of the stock as it is provided by LSE. For instance, at the moment its price is GBp 200.00,

although on trading212 it seems to be GBp 189.09.
Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 14.21.19
You can check the current price of the stock from LSE here: https://www.londonstockexchange.com/stock/CHRY/chrysalis-investments-limited/company-page

And on trading212, search for Merian Chrysalis Investment. Its ticker seems to be MERI on trading212, but I checked its ISIN code to be sure that it is the stock listed with CHRY ticker on LSE.

I will contact Trading212 support team, but before contacting them I wanted to ask to community if anyone knows what is going on here.


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202 ask (offer) based on that screengrab you had the 200 is last trade (probably a sell with the bid at 200)

Anyway yeah looks like it hasn’t updated in a while

Could it just be an issue with the ticker not being updated?

I wonder if 212 get a feed from IB to let them know of changes such as change of ticker. Its not super important as I track mine offline, but would be nice for the app to have the correct price(207 not 189p)

@David @Rumen @PeterA can you please update the changed ticker as it’s two weeks since it swapped to CHRY


Just to add the current ask is 208 the 207 shown is the last trade.

Try HL as a quick alternative

The 207.35 is the last trade buying 5180 shares. The offer/ask (buy price) is what T212 plots.

It seems to be fixed now, showing correct price. :slight_smile: