Michael burry just shorted Tesla - RIP

I’d expect the price to climb a bit more on this news. Before the inevitable drop.

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I hope tesla falls, got a good chunk of cash ready to load up

Yeah but what about the index on T212 SPX500 when does this get adjusted to include Tesla?

Not sure how it works.

So I want to see how many of TSLA preachers in here have those market orders from 20th March? C’mon don’t be shy, I want to see those $$$$ invested when we were crashing.

Because of some folks “conviction” personally would sell all my belongings and put on tesla.


Yes yes, id sell my underpants just to buy more tesla

Not cool.

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Why do so many people get upset by this stock. You can buy or sell or even short it, why should it upset so many people what the price is trading at


On the 21st of December


My first purchase, pre-split. (It was overvalued at this price also.)


Well I had no doubts about few members.

But there is bunch of loud TsLa folks, who I don’t believe “put money where there mouth is”.

I am really curious off all 100k who have TSLA on T212, especially those on community. That actually bought during March meltdown.


So won’t the opposite happen to the one exiting? Doesn’t that guarantee a price fall come Tesla’s inclusion and it’s exit. Whatever ‘it’ is, arbitrage surely? Can’t be that simple.

Most likely in the near term the stock exiting will fall a bit. No idea which stock it will be yet though.

Oh wow, quite a thread :roll_eyes:

I’ve just had a word with mystic meg and she doesn’t care either

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I didn’t start until April, $500 was the first price I paid and have bought some each month since personally

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So 1 person in entire community shown some proof of putting money where the mouth is. Even tho I didn’t still see someone actually “buy the dip” at March lows.

I’m in Tesla with an average buy in of just over $400, I’ve bought in on every dip so far same for my other halfs account.
I don’t see it dropping below my previous target price of 530-540 but equally I didn’t expect it to do $650 however short lived for now that may be

Vedren been saying tesla’s overpriced for a long long time, rumors are that if he had just put in 5000$ instead of complaining, hed be rich now :woman_shrugging::joy:

So you bought at March 20-24th? :lollipop:


I am a bad market timer, usually I buy high and sell low.
With that skill set I rather not touch TSLA.

Aug 12 - Dec 10

About 4 month’s time, i hope the old Vedran wasent being a troll boy, but i hope you Actually put your money in the stock :shushing_face::woman_shrugging::joy: