Missing transaction history

I did a custom pie investment with 18 stocks.
All orders went through but some are missing when I view history.
On the All tab, one of the 18 is missing.
On the Orders tab, that one is there, but another 3 are missing.

Details for Trading 212 team:

Transaction date 4/08/2020

For All tab, no. 5, order Id POS356002499 Autodesk is missing

For Orders tab, nos. 1 to 3 are missing:
1 POS192747960 Adobe
2 POS192757190 Salesforce
3 POS192752166 Sea Limited

Happens both on Android and Web app.
It’s not a big problem for me as I can see them all from one or the other, but wanted to bring it to your attention.

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Exact same thing actually happened to me in the pie transaction. 1 out of 13 transactions (that were all executed back to back) was missing from transaction history. The missing transaction was listed in the contract note emailed the following day.

This sounds worrying and they really need to sort this out. We put a lot of trust and of course the hard-earned money into this platform; when your portfolio grows, I can see how difficult it can be to double check every single transaction…Should we continue to trust T 212?

seems to be a pie problem, pies are in beta… they aren’t even finished…beta is to catch these kind of bugs… if it was a finished product and there are still issues then that is when to be concerned.


@CRISPR this is why beta’s are for @trader787 is correct. while you are using this, you are a beta tester to find all edge cases the developers could not come up by themselves.

also this is more of a nuisance/cosmetic issue, rather than some dramatic loss event.

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@_Ricardo We found the bug and will fix it as soon as possible. No trading data is lost. It’s just a problem with the visualisation. The missing transactions will reappear once we fix the bug. In the meantime please refer to the contract notes sent via email.

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