Most wanted features Survey (Reloaded)

Not in the survey
But would be good if after hours stock prices could be included esp for us stocks
Also recent news articles related to stocks
Having seen the us Robin Hood app they have both those features

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isn’t this the same?

If possible to do, all charts to be updated with full price history, not just the history since it went live on the platform.

Could well be, but it is just SIPP/JISA/LISA 3 out of 35 things on the survey here. Even if I ignore the fact that vast majority of the users being from the UK these tax efficient wrappers are undeniably important.

I even messaged some community members from other countries and asked them if there are similar wrappers in their respective countries. If there were any I think they’d agree it’d be criminal to ignore these.

The only reason all my accounts are not in Degiro and I am aware that a broker named T212 exists is because I’ve talked with Degiro years ago and they said they have no “current intentions to implement ISA/SIPP”


Stock screener will be of great use!!

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Would be cool to get some acknowledgement from T212 about this poll and possible roadmap.

Now that major pie update is behind us.



Wait, what pie update is that. Haven’t seen anything new recently.

Trailing stop shown on charts on CFD platform. Would love to see that implemented yesterday.

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won’t have Hong Kong live till then.

can I assume this as a confirmation of “HKEX work in progress”? :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for it really.

By the way if you guys have access to HKEX market from other brokers, look into 01376 and 03680 for some juicy short term returns. :wink:

Add Profit and Loss for specified time range by user on app

I can’t vote, how can I? Thanks!

Voted! Options & API trading let’s go!

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Voted! Also, I’d like to add: See history dividends of each pie.


What’s the scope of a multicurrency account? The beauty of t212 is that I can keep my deposit in euro and it is not automatically exchanged in usd as happens with etoro

It basically means you’ll have different wallets for each currency, so the currency you deposit in wont be converted, and when you sell it will remain in that currency, and you can choose when to convert it

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So the scope of multicurrency account is to take advantage of the forex, correct?
Because, as it is now my money are automatically converted in usd or pound when I buy a stock from us or uk…

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Yes, it means people can sell a stock without selling the currency of said stock at the same time

Can you add trailing stop orders ? Very handy feature ! VWAP is a good suggestion by the way.


I’m sure adding traditional index funds would also be one of the top choices also. There has been multiple posts about various funds like Fundsmith and none are currently possible although Fundsmith is on Interactive Brokers

This + multi-currency or multiple accounts + SIPP are my only 3 wishes

Level 2 + more market exchanges + stock screener, that would be awesome :smile:


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Thanks for the poll!
#1 is multicurrency accounts which is the most important thing.
Why not email this poll to all account holders?

Lately, because I have a GBP account but I trade mainly in USD, I opened Etoro which is in USD
Etoro gives a different experience, and I would be happy to do all my investing within Trading212 if they had the multicurrency offering.