Most wanted features Survey (Reloaded)

Dividends - withholding tax paid. This is an absolute must for every brokerage - we have to pay taxes and prove how much we actually paid.


Maybe we can add a News, analysts ratings and market/index overview. Lol even Revolut offers news.

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Cryptocurrency will be really important in future! For me it should be a top priority to add on t212!!!

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I mentioned it a while back on the subreddit and in a thread on here somewhere, but my biggest request is a graph plotting returns over time. Like this mock up I put together;

It blows my mind that there isn’t an easy way to see something like this (unless I’m missing something, perhaps in the web interface?)
At the moment I’m achieving this manually by plotting the midnight value of my returns over time in google sheets, looks like this;


Looks very nice. And very useful :+1:


+1 for this type a graph :+1:

idk if it can also be made with moments of investing/withdrawing but even without would be something very useful


Limit orders for fractional shares - would be a game changer IMO

they are already in the works.

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Getting the filters from the website incorporated onto the mobile apps.

I really hope they add a way to see transactions on a pie level

I totally agree. Fixing the demergers and mergers (so we aren’t paid in cash but get the actual positions), voting etc.

But for me pies in pies is a priority too.

More graph options to see returns over time like someone else posted here.
Maybe dividend graph? But before that overall portfolio yield/pie yield would be great.

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When investing in a pie using the custom option it would be good to be able to type amounts.

Working with % is too much hastel if you want different amounts in various slices . . . like in a partial rebalance.

2 factor authentication should be on the list

2 factor authentication should be on the list

It’s available in the app.


Oh my bad, it’s in settings, I didn’t notice. Was it added recently? Anyway thanks for letting me know.

I guess it’s been around for half a year: 2-Factor Authentication Released!


Multi-currency accounts should be the #1 priority currently with the newly introduced fees, otherwise Trading212 will simply begin losing a lot of users to competition.


please name the competitors who are almost entirely fee-free and also allow you to hold your portfolio in multiple currencies at the same time, that are available for UK and European investors.

I can wait.


Dao seems like you get overly agitated by these posts recently :slight_smile: and became very defensive. Unnecessarily diving into linguistic and ecumenical discussions about what is a fee and what is a commission etc. For me its very simple: I pay money = not free

There is nothing wrong with asking these. It won’t happen but humour people. Yes there is not a broker who is entirely free and offering multi currency. But the appeal of T212 was being free since it is not any more, people are asking for other appeals.

Point of view: without the multi currency accounts and/or in specie transfers, transfering a 200K pension from II to here will cost something like 3500£ even without considering buy/sell spreads. So people naturally ask, is it worth it?

II charges me around 230 per year, with one TX free per month, so for 3500 I can stay there 15 years. Considering the fees introduced in the last 6 months (and yes again some T212 staff posted there won’t be new fees :clown_face: ) how many other new fees will pop up in next 15 years? So again question why would I use T212


not agitated, I don’t respond to many of these topics. However I did this last post because I have seen a recurring theme of people saying that competitors will steal away the clients who are dissatisfied, but yet never once is a competitor named. I don’t feel defensive because I have nothing at stake regardless of what you do, where you stay or leave.

genuine curiosity as to which broker or platform these posts have in mind when they make their statements. I don’t care if they need to spend a week or a month finding a broker/platform that meets the criteria so long as they can tell me about them. I chose T212 for a reason and want to know whether a “better option” actually even exists for my next account.

as far as fee’s go, people have different definition as to what really constitutes a fee, regardless of what it may have been referred to as in a forum post. when I use a credit card, if there is no fee for making the purchase charged to me on top of the transaction, then it is fee-free, it doesn’t matter if the exchange rate is not the best rate possible as that is inherently baked into the service, yet they are still fully entitled to claim they are offering a fee-free credit card for my use. I won’t suddenly argue a stock broker doing the same thing to be heresy.

no service is designed for all types of client. use the one that best suits your needs. that’s just common sense.

financial markets are heavily regulated and very specific in terminology. if the people involved in those markets can’t match that then their arguments fail to hold ground. money is at stake and you need more than sentiment.

I suppose you don’t have any UK stocks because of their 0.5% stamp duty? perhaps no US dividend payers because their 15-30% withholding tax? since you don’t like the thought of the 0.15% FX rate adjustment. :thinking:

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