So many bugs and delays in key basic features

I often read here from devs that they believe MT4 is so obsolete and the reflection of arrogance that T212 tells clients their platform is far more superior, according to some devs here baffles me.

The lag behind price movement (tested on wifi, data, UTP cable, hotspot etc ) became drastically worse than a while back.

What bothers me the most is the price alert triggers pushed to mobile and on the browser when triggered. it triggers an alert when the price is not even close to that price point, nor do I see a wick or candle reaching that level.

Then when they actually trigger the alert when it should be, the alert gets pushed way too late to either device. (also tested on wifi, data LTE, etc) Tried and benchmarked that on 4 iphones,2 androids and 2 ipads of different version.

Then not to mention the bugs and complete miss visualization of a chart when loaded. where my macd and RSI is floating between my Ichimoku Cloud and my entry levels and candlesticks are on the bottom of my screen (so basically they mess up the whole visual)

Frustrating when that happens around 50-90 times a day to refresh the browser again and get my charts back in order.

So many complete failures these last months.

Flipside, T212 is on the right track, but I don’t take that BS from devs saying that this platform is superior over MT4 / 5 and Trader Evolution or what we use on TOS or BL. Because it is not. It is not superior by a mile. Taking the execution time alone is more than 299MS. which is quite high.

I will never understand arrogance of devs. T212 is on the right track but at least stay humble until you fix the most basic issues on your platform.

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I can see valid points on some grounds with regards to some issues need fixing here and there and more utilities added but I wouldn’t say they are being arrogant about it though.

I think the team is working on new things which add a lot of value for the retail crowd, things you might not see on the pro platforms. T212 is a free platform for the masses so I can understand that they may be catering to needs some of the pro’s may take as not needed etc. (Auto invest and PIE’s for example, I have no use for).

Tony.V mentioned that the team are redoing the web platform which is great to hear. So they are taking steps to make everything better bit by bit.

It’s free and does all that i’m after. I’d say for the demographic of their clients more than likely being longer term investors, the package they offer hits those needs. For day traders, they may have a bit of work to improve things, but they seem to be showing willing to do that.

Fingers crossed more and more gets added.
It’s free though, so I don’t think we can complain to be honest.