Need brains - cash flow statement explanation

Please can someone help me with this. I’ve looked online and viewed various cash flow statements and they seem relatively straight forward compared to the ones on T212. I’ve spent hours trying to work out cash from operating activities but can’t understand how the total figure is calculated as the sub totals don’t add up and I can’t calculate that figure taking into account other numbers i.e. net income. Please can someone explain.

I’ve attached an example below from BT.

Cash from operating and investing is much easier to grasp!

Is it net income after taxes, not the net income before taxes, on the cash flow statement that needs to be included to the sub totals to give me the total cash from operating activities?

Head is fried

I was reading your own reply as someone else reply to yourself and frying my own head :joy: too much screen time today!!!

I believe your own reply is correct though lol

Is it just me or do T212 make it hard to understand some of the numbers, like they’ll throw in something that logically doesn’t relate.

there’s that but throw a few kids into the mix, lack of sleep and too much screen time it takes its toll on the brain

Haha, doesn’t help when your a novice like me trying to explain something you don’t 100% understand. Thanks for your feedback though, much appreciated. Trying to learn as much as I can, rather than use ratios which I understand the principles of, I want to drill into them and understand them in a bit more detail.

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check this guy out well well well worth the watch. Learn quite a lot. Actually gonna invest in his training platform after watching this and a few others of his

But isn’t he trading rather than investing?

to invest in shares you need to trade. Its the smaller things about markets etc that make a lot of sense and about timings etc

@Cashurkash I will DM you privately. :+1:

I would avoid his course - not worth it.
Everything covered can be studied in a Global Macro textbook. He’s a cool guy, but I just don’t think his courses are worth it.

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