NEL D7G: Incorrect Pricing?

Hi, I am interested in investing in NEL D7G on the T212 platform. I cross checked it against the information available on Yahoo Finance and noticed a discrepancy. It appears that the stock is listed as having a market cap of c.€2.5B on Yahoo Finance and c.€30B on T212. I have included the screenshots.

Am I looking at the wrong information or does anyone else have similar concerns?

2.60B according to TradingView:

Schermafbeelding 2020-10-15 om 14.43.41

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How many shares in existence 1.407 B times the current price per share 1.762

Basic maths tells me 30 B is wrong, ~2.5 B sounds right.

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It is a Norwegian company that is on a lot of exchanges.

T212 may just be out, It’s around $2bn from what I can calculate.

Shares outstanding (1.407B) x SP and relative FX conversion

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They probably took the Market cap in Norwegian krone but put it in Euro . . . Nicely spot on!


Thanks all. Hopefully no errors with price of shares.