New Web App (Beta)

I don’t think it is ISA compliant.

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You’re correct, I have removed from my post as to not confuse others :+1:

I like that the Allocation section now includes all positions, like on the app, rather than just the top 10. This is good :+1:

Will we receive any feedback on the our bug reports we submit?

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You seem to be one of the only persons who finds the new look better :slight_smile:


The standard is view is definitely a little off, I can agree with that. However the advanced view is significantly better imo

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The reson nobody likes the new look is becasue it’s clearly not built for computers, but for phones/tablets. PCs need a different layout than apps for the simple reason of usability. Texts need to be the right size, layout needs to utalise the available real estate, interactions need to reflect functions that can be carried out on a computer, not a dumbed down version for mobile.

I really advise against making the web look/be the same as the app. It’s unusable, the user experience will suck bad :frowning:

I can see why your approach is worth exploring, but please don’t ruin the web interface, because there’s a reason most of us prefer it over the mobile app, it requires less user input for the same amount of info.

Please don’t ruin the web interface.

T212 alternatives keep coming online and I think this will be the small hair that will make the difference. Let’s not lose users over an ugly interface.

Thank you for giving us the option to stick with legacy.
<3 T212


I like that it has feature parity with the mobile app, however it should make better use of the horizontal space of the page (judging the standard view).


Strange that no developer saw what we remarked immediately :slight_smile:


Remembering it’s a Beta so your feedback will shape the final product.

Try to be at least a little constructive.


Then why build a new look for PC ? :slight_smile:

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There is a long list of issues with the new layout. Just trying to collect some initial thoughts. Obviously these are just my personal initial impressions.

  • this has been designed for a mobile phone number a desktop app and overall its not good as a desktop platform.

  • there is a huge amount of empty screen space especially on high res monitors.

  • the alerts are seriously annoying

  • I do love the chart full screen mode in the ISA mainly because it provides a multi-chart layout so that I can just multiple charts on a single screen with the company details and buy/sell buttons on the right panel for the selected chart. However, there are soooo many issues:

a) if I have a multi-chart layout I want to be able to clearly and prominently see the current price for each of the charts. If I have 8 or more charts visible at the same time each for a different company I want to be able to see the current price very clearly. The status line shows company icon, OHLC info and optionally vol. I want current price very visible and prominent.

b) I’d really like pine script custom indicators supported

c) will the system remember my full layout I don’t want to setup a multi-chart tab with several charts all carefully formatted only for the system to forget about it

d) the “advanced” chart is basically a sub window in the T212 browser window. This I lose even more screen space around the edge. Seriously annoying.

e) there is a panel on the righthand side that shows the company info for the selected chart. I would like a way to easily hide and show this panel. It is a very useful panel but I’d ideally like to hide it at times to maximise the screen space for the charts

f) on the chart I want all of the facilities/info that I had in the old advanced charts screen. I want a horizontal line to show my average price for my current position and ideally want horizontal lines for pending orders and alerts and ideally I want to be able to drag and drop these lines (to adjust orders and alerts).

g) the charts seem to forget “auto fits data to screen” setting thus needing to be continually rescaled.

h) at present I haven’t worked out how to save chart templates.

  • the “advanced” charts are a big step forward but if I am going to use that as my main interface (setting up multiple tabs each with multiple chart layout for each tab) I want to be able to see my free cash value which is only available by going back to the standard screen. I want to be able to see free cash while viewing the advanced charts.

Generally speaking, it feels a lot as mobile/tablet app (specially in “Standard view”, “Pies”, “Search” and “Social”), with limited space available and a bit cluttered, not having more UX than the actual desktop (“legacy”).

The “Social” option isn’t a plus for me, as it’s more like a high school repository with a lot FOMO/FUD/influencers and financial illiteracy to say the least. In my POV, you can remove that option (saving IT resources and sanity).

The “Search” option is AWFUL!!! Too compact and at the same time doesn’t use all the available space. Also now it doesn’t show the actual price and it last movement. The old “Search” option is a lot better!

The “Standard view” doesn’t add anything, for me you can remove that view type (saving IT resources).

The “Standard view” could be replaced by a Dividends/Interests/Cash (free funds) unified dashboard in the multicurrency accounts, specially as T212 adds debit cards.

The “Social” option could be replaced by a dashboard that allow portfolio management tools, with returns and volatility calculated in several time periods, benchmarking against several indexes in different currencies (e.g. S&P 500, MSCI ACWI, MSCI World, etc, in USD/EUR/GBP), asset classes, regions, countries, sectors, etc.

Those 2 suggestions could be more valuable for more actual and potential customers than the “Standard view” and “Social” options.

“Advanced view”

There a lot of unused space and the graphs are compressed by that. For example the top, it takes a lot of space, specially the tabs with “News” and watchlists, these tabs should have the option to hide:


In the below image, the top row icons could be in the vertical row in the left, freeing more space in user interface:


The bottom panel with the information of our positions don’t allow us to copy that as text like was before. The information could be again selectable as text (specially as we can’t download our entire portfolio in an Excel file).

In the same bottom panel, could you make the arrows bigger, e.g. more proportional to the numbers?


This bottom panel could have a button to show/hide as the other panels to be more user friendly.

The graphs are awesome! It’s a pity that the disposition on the interface is so restricted that minimize the graphs. As the graphs are the T212 crown jewel, they should be the principal thing in the interface and should occupy the stage with the most space.

Btw, I can’t find the option to have multiple graphs in the screen from different stocks/ETFs (not “split views” for the same stock/ETF). There isn’t an option? If it exists, how to do it?

The pop-up notifications are distracting and intrusive, could you stop them, and have just a colored dot on the notification bell or change the color of the bell?

Bottom-line: The spirit I get from this beta, is that T212 is more gamified, like a magnet to attract a bunch of apes to trade meme stocks. Less professional and more juvenile.


@RLX I love your description of the social part. That is the mobile community. It is in stark contrast to the current desktop community.

I suspect that some of your comments about the advanced chart layout (ie moving some things to a vertical bar) are inherited from tradingview and fixed by tradingview. If T212 can configure the tradingview chart (ie where menus etc are positioned) then there are lots of issues that should be considered.

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I’ve tried to open the “advanced”/full screen charts in my ISA a few times when it has opened the chart window and it then just remains completely blank. There seems to be an intermittent bug resulting in either the charts not appearing at all or being displayed incorrectly

It’s very cluttered and also ugly as can be. Maybe give an option to reduce clutter more than you already have. I was also hoping that in Advanced View, you’d no longer make it compulsory to select a chart to view - sometimes I don’t need a chart at all, so let me get rid of it.


My assumption: if you make both look/work the same, then it’s easier/faster to update. You update one, it’ll update the other.

The problem is that the two devices need different handling. So the platform shines differently on each type of device.


US market just closed, and like that we can now view the 24/5 market charts :+1:

Option to hide the ‘news’ and ‘social’ panes under the chart, or move them further down, would be good :grinning:


Love the Beta search function, much better now and aligns with the app version. Much more engaging and easier to navigate (for me anyway). I like the groupings into ‘UK biggest’, ‘US greats’, etc :+1: Still has the ‘browse all’ options for those that prefer the classic search functionality too :grinning:

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