New Web App (Beta)

I agree, it makes the search literally unusable. The currency MUST be shown, because it lists all the multiple ISIN and tickers, and there is literally no way to differentiate what is what. Very poor app in so many ways… :frowning:

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I’ve said it before, the font sizes, and just sizing of everything overall, makes the website unusable, and unreadable. Instrument Names are pretty important aspect to stock trading. Everything is truncated and data is missing from searches, so you cant even tell what currency a stock is. Disappointing. Why cant font sizes be reduced, and just make everything a little bit smaller, at least! So it’s readable. There is WAY TOO MUCH clutter now. I pray the legacy app stays longer than the 15th.


Must be retrieving different data time-frames from the actual different charts ?

Why the Social section appears before all the most important sections in right side panel, e.g. Return, price ranges, financial ratios and information, general information, History, and Instrument details??? :scream: :face_with_monocle:

With this, it appears that T212 is giving more importance to the social aspect before any proper due diligence on the investment side. It’s an apparent bad choose giving a more lighten importance to investment/rational than to social/herd behavior/emotional. (Besides it could bring potential supervision vigilance to the T212 practices.)

(Maybe putting this Social section in last section of the right side panel…)


Btw, its annoying every time that I open the new web app, I have to hide the left side panel (stocks in watchlists). Can it be permanent hidden until the customer choose to unhide it?


Is there a way to switch the chart prices between displaying Buy and Sell Prices? There is also no way to export data from the CFD version as there is in the INVEST.

Hi everyone. We’ve just released the following changes for CFD Advanced view charts in version 7.3.2 of our new web app:

You can adjust the one-click trade quantity per instrument via the chart as well:

You may also disable “Instant orders placement”. In that case, clicking the buy/sell buttons in the chart will open up the trade dialogue, and clicking the “X” button on a position in the chart will require confirmation.

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@Wit . The Trading Hours (number of Hours Remaining) have just vanished from under the Trading hours title. I saw this working normally yesterday. I cant see this now (noticed it a few mins ago) . Please can you check and correct the instance?


If you move the slider it will show you the hours

@JacoInvest That is the time of the day you are seeing, it also was there before.
But it also used to display total hours of trading time left (in hours and minutes) for the stock you were checking, below the ‘Trading Hours’ Title bar.

[All the below is in relation to the advanced view in the web/desktop app]

So is the only option for one-click trading going to be on the charts?
This was on the right-hand information pane with the big buy/sell buttons. Moving yet another thing to clutter up the charts does not appear to be progress.

The reordering of the right-hand pane so the current positions are pushing down all the useful information is also unhelpful. Especially when all my positions are in the list box below the chart area. I’ve lost useful information and gained duplication.

There are only the day and 52-week ranges now, we used to see week and month as well as some others IIRC. Are these just hidden somewhere or removed?

I’m glad others can see the trading hours information as this has also disappeared from the right-hand info pane. Where do I go for this now?

Is it possible to rearrange the panes at all? With this new design I’m wondering if it isn’t worth me just having the charts and the positions/pending/alerts list as my only open panes side-by-side. Is this possible?

The quick buy / sell option doesn’t allow a value less then one, so can’t use when need a low amount

There is no close all, that I can find. It’s a real pain when wanting to close multiple trades and having to confirm each close. In legacy app this was much easier and avoids losses when needing to close the positions quickly.




The new app should have all the features of the Legacy app + new features/enhancements, else this roll-out has broken the basic rule of Improved Customer Experience!

I hope all the gaps are sorted before the legacy is phased out. :pray:


T212, please make the arrows (=coloured indicators of current market move) placed next to current price for each position in advanced view at least twice bigger size, as they are on smaller monitors hardly to see, when reducing page size for display 4-5 lines/positions at the same time (using browser Chrome). Circle, the symbol of closed market, is coded with bigger font then arrows, right? So please just adjust size of arrows to the font size of circles. Thanks

(BTW Circles are maybe redundant - if the is no arrow, logicly market is closed)

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I am losing hope with this new app. I have reported a few issues above, no one fromT212 has either read them or considered them important to respond.

I am listing them below again. I will be grateful if someone takes a look and explores a resolution. I am absolutely sure now that these bugs are not related to my browser.

  1. The star selections do not work at all from one login session to to another. I mark them and they remain visible within the same session but not between login sessions. And it is just not the time frames as I had reported earlier, it is the same issue with indicators and saved indicator templates.

  2. The indicator templates saving process is a hit and miss. I select a set of indicators on a chart, save them under a name - sometimes I see the name listed under the Indicator template icon (4 squares) , the other times the saved name is just not there. And this happens within the same login session. I have never seen a saved indicator template from one login session to the other and therefore don’t know how to retrieve this saved indicator template even if it shows up at times. I have had to create 12 charts each with a set of indicators even if the saved indicator template shows up, because I have no way to retrieve one!

  3. Just about 5 mins ago I opened my charts and the very first chart ( a set of two adjacent charts of the same stock) came up with two random stocks from within my portfolio! As a result I have lost all drawings and indicators from both of my original stock charts; I will now have to spend time creating them again.

  4. The Time remaining / Time to Open data from right hand side stock details panel Market Open / Market Closed (when clicked) remains absent from the window as I has shared above. I have since then checked my Mobile version and it seems to be working perfectly, therefore this issue seems to be on the Desktop version of the new app.

  5. I realise the buy/sell alerts set do not sound an alarm in the browser any more, this used to work fine in the Legacy app.

  6. I am aware that some of the above may not be related to the new app and could be a local issue. But if we could have some sort of a Cheat Sheet / Roll out specification / User guide related to the new app, it will be of a huge help to refer and sort most of the issues ourselves. Please look into having one, this will ease your tasks and create less escalations too.

If all the above issues are related to my browser then, as technical experts, I expect someone from T212 to provide me with the steps to check and resolve these issues. These could be related to some session cookies that T212 stores on my local machine but as my question related to this has not been answered above, there is no way to know

I was hoping to load fresh funds for my new year’s ISA on Monday 8th April but unless someone from T212 responses to the above, I will be holding off;. I am also having second thoughts about a confirmed referral.

As stated in point 4,I can see the Time update on my mobile (see the attachment below ) but it is just not there on the desktop version.

Screenshot 2024-04-07 09.57.32

I experienced something similar as the updates were rolling out. Its now pretty stable and I’m not experiencing the issues you have. Can save templates and all charts load up with the defined indicators and their respective settings.
This sounds like mostly a desktop browser issue, especially seeing as mobile is working for you.
You might want to log out completely, clear browser cache/cookies and temp files and retry.
Clearing browser cookies could log you out and clear any saved logins/page settings etc on other sites you may use, so proceed with some caution/awareness.

Thanks for the suggestion I will try this now.

Clearing the cache was suggested as a resolution to me a couple of days ago and I though it worked but since then have realised it does not work from session to session.

I suspect this to be related to the cookies but without a lead from T212 it is hard to identify a root cause. The Legacy switch off on 15th April is putting undue pressure as without it and the pending issue with the new app, the platform will become un-usable for me.

I have since morning tried the following:

  1. Reset my router and restart
  2. Reset my browser (Version 123.0.2420.81)reset and restart
  3. Switch to a different browser (Crome / Opera / Duck Duck Go)
  4. Disconnect from my router and switch to mobile internet connection through wifi

Absolutely non of the above issues got resolved!
The only change was while using Chrome, the period favourite selections (1/5/10/1Hr / 1D) and Indicator favourites stayed selected from login session to session.

Other than these favourite selections, no other issue seems to have got resolved.

@Wit kindly take a look and respond.

Beyond 15th April if the Legacy is discontinued, will T212 guarantee that the solo new app will be provide a consistent experience across all connection and browsers types?

What does ‘reset my browser’ exactly entail? Its not a common term when resolving website/browser issues.
If it doesn’t include clearing out the cookies nothing is likely to change.

Just remove/clear the cookies so you start a fresh session and can rule that out at least.

The market open times is an issue a few are facing, including myself.
You have to understand this application is undergoing changes/updates based on feedback so its unrealistic to expect it to be perfect right now. The feedback is important, along with some patience to allow implementation.

Right now it might not be worth investing so much time to draw up charts, seeing as the app is going through changes and you have technical issues, accept and maybe expect they may get reset whilst your issues are worked out. I personally use Trandingview standalone for this, to keep drawings in one place and easily editable on other devices.

@StockHog100 From your posts I am not able to make out your association with T212 support, so I am not sure how to respond to it.

I assume that you are not professionally pushing back on the issues I raised and that you are trying to help me find my way through , so my reply is limited in kind.

  1. Reset my browser - Uninstalling and reinstalling my browser, there is no other sure-shot way of resetting one.
  2. Without discussing my levels of experience, I am aware of the development, enhancement and continuous improvement cycles
  3. There is pure wisdom in suggesting not to invest time in drawing up charts considering the platform is undergoing a change. I was not even on this platform until early Jan this year, as I am not into posting. The only reason I am here and trying to adopt the new app is because I came to know that a new enhanced charting interface was being released for the desktop that will save my time in going back and forth between two interfaces. New implementations inevitably come with a cutover and sunset of the older version / software and therefore reporting issues help the extensive and admirable efforts T212 is taking in going through this improvement cycle.

Here is my question to you assuming you are not part of the official support.

  1. How smart is it to switch off a perfectly functional, although basic, legacy system on 15th April (in 5 working days) when there are possible issues with the new app that stops its adoption and eventually result into a business impact for T212?
  2. How smart is it to ghost people who are happily testing and flagging issues? If these are non-issues, I am sure most will be, it is essential that these are responded to educate the person reporting them. I personally wish we had a bug repotting tool here that would avoid this back and forth and mostly deviating posts that end up diluting the importance of addressing a reported issue.
  3. T212 has done a splendid job, I was happy even with the basic legacy app; I was doing exactly what you suggested above, going back and forth with a charting app. But what is the point of releasing the new app if the customer is still expected to go with their old ways. Worst take away a perfectly functional legacy app that offers a solid access to basic operation of buying and selling shares!

The scare really started when a date of 15th April was declared to take away the basic app and replace it with one that does not offer complete confidence.

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