New Web App for Invest & ISA

Don’t know if this has been asked before or not (can not find it), but in the classic app you can see the history of the position and how many shares you had at a certain time for that position (handy if you want to check how many shares are counted for the dividend). I see the button for the complete history but without number of shares. Can this be added?

If you scroll down all the way to the bottom, there is a history button. You can find the dividends and buy/sell orders overthere.

I know. Open it and check if you can find the number of shares there… you can’t and that is my question if they can add that what you have at that moment, not only the amount you just bought or sold, but the total at that time. I should have made that more clear :wink:

You can. When you click for example a buy transaction. You will get a side panel with all the information. Buy price, time, amount, FX rate at moment of buy, etc.

I know, but you can not see the accumulated amount of shares. See example classic style

Just wondering for this new interface. As I’m waiting for a isa transfer don’t have any data,

Does the portfolio page have a summary of the open positions and also list the stop loss positions on those open positions? Kinda like the IG interface where it allows you to edit those stop loss positions with that summary list.

Also an open order list so in one place you can see all the open orders not yet executed, or only partially executed?


it looks good, better than before but it seems to be wasting a lot of space on the sides (using a standard full HD screen.)
Also the list of holdings in my portfolio seems to use way too much white space. I’d like it to be more compact.
Overall nice work though


Guys one important feature which is no longer available is the ability to sort portfolio holdings.
This is very important to manage the portfolio.

Sort by result (absolute and %) but also sort by book cost (which isn’t available even in the old version but I’d like to have).


Hi @George,

Is there anywhere specific T212 would like users to post feedback on beta web UI?
Have found a number of issues and think it would be beneficial if members could post issues found that didn’t include general discussion.


Can I 2nd, 3rd…79th this request.

Its quite a fundamental need to know what your open orders are just like in the old interface

@george love the progression of the overall system, you guys are doing grea work. But having worked in the past on UIs, the new web app’s lacking an active order list feature makes me wonder if you guys are actually live users of the system. I hope you are, don’t you ever want to know what orders you have open. Or maybe you are all registered with other brokers that have the feature (all that I know of do) explaining why its not a critical feature addition. Sorry if this sounds critical its not meant to be however, this is just baffling me.

One time where it would’ve been extra useful for me, a few days ago a bunch of limit orders got cancelled because lack of available funds. The reason: I’d forgotten about an GTC order on a stock that executed using up all available funds, so everything else cancelled. With the old interface before placing a new order I’d always check the order list to make sure all could be covered. Now we are flying blind.

Can I suggest this as an URGENT addition. The interface has space for it.

Final note: The iPad app has an open order feature. For me that enough detail and would be welcome on the web app.

Greetings to all


Can someone provide an update on the advanced view of portfolio? I want to sort my trades by date and I can see I am not the only one


Surely, there are many others missing this feature too.

Its really frustrating not knowing what is currently active. Its a simple feature that has enormous benefits. For me personally, I’ll probably use the system more as often don’t have time to check each holding to see if I have an order outstanding.

Or at least please provide a timeframe when it could be available.

Last thought, provide an API to allow us to add our own features. That would be really cool.

Please someone reply.

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What a lovely UI. I definitely switching to T212.

If I could suggest one thing. It would be nice if you could remove Porfolio performance when market is closed (weekends and market closed after trading). So there would be no sideways line and performance would look smoother like on stocks.

Thank you for your work!

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Hi All,
I have switched to the Beta interface, but unfortunately I find the old interface much better in term of information displayed.
I am now stuck with the beta interface and not able to revert to the old one, as typing the old URL just redirects me to the /beta every time.
How can I switch back to the old UI?


An option to switch is at the bottom of the same menu of items in which you find History.

In the menu dropdown scroll to the bottom and select “Switch to the old app”

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