Norilsk Nickel OTC Suspension

Anybody knows what happen once the company is suspended from OTC market?


It is a Russian company :ok_hand:

Edit: for clarification, as far as we know, most of the world will simply not have the ability to trade any russian shares, OTC or not, for a while. Most brokers have restricted trading, most exchanges are delisting shares, and Russia’s market has been halted for a little while already.

For all intents and purposes, without even factoring the risk of defaults and bankruptcy from the worsening economic situation of Russia and international trade restrictions, most Russian shares are pretty much worthless at this point; and even if we see an improvement of the political situation, the investment world will not be back to normal for an extended period of time.

Maybe in a few years we will have awesome opportunities in those markets, but for the time being, it’s dump dump dump.

I would sell now while you can. Price has dropped from $36 to $5.