What does this mean pls?

You can only sell or close out your position.

Probably caught up in the Russian sanctions so good luck selling if you decide to/can.


Unfortunately, considering the current geopolitical situation, we have many bans and restrictions in place.
This is the reason why you may see some instruments unavailable.
It doesn’t depend on the platform itself but these are market blockers imposed by the Governments.


Unfortunately for whomever bought.

Fortunately, for the rest of humanity.


Yeah, but will it become viable again when/if the sanctions are lifted? So in maybe a year from now will they still be “ours” or will they have been liquidated and holders are forced to take 1.6p?

I cant see how anyone would know the answer to that question. The world has sanctioned and taken away Russian assets as a result of what’s happening. My question is that who is to say that Russia doesn’t do the same?

Sorry if that was a stupid question. So it’s a possibility and nothing can be done but wait and see. Thanks for answering.