NVAX: inconsistent data

I just got a notification (within T212) that Novavax (NVAX) has increased by 130% today, but this price action does not appear on the chart.

As you can see, the T212 chart shows that the current price is $4.47 and today’s candle is red, however the card on the right suggests that the current price is $10.34 and has increased by $5.87 (131.32%). These are completely inconsistent.

What’s going on?

I just saw them both correct themselves now :slight_smile:
I think what you were seeing above was partially correct. The card traditionally (even in old app) showed / shows EOD price while the chart shows the current price (NVAX is currently in pre-market state)

I think there is some confusion around the market timings; reason why the card showed price as of ‘today’ . Ideally it should be price at close but because T212 is now allowing trade 24/5 , price at Close can not be logically shown :slight_smile:

I am sure T212 will correct it soon. I know they read every single post without fail!

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It’s pre-market so maybe that chart doesn’t show the pre-market pricing.
If you’re on mobile and switch to the single day view it charts pre-market. Not sure if the web version is the same.


I’m guessing this is why -

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Hey, @maxkshaw :person_raising_hand:

The notification received is based on NVAX’s pre-market price action, as the instrument’s price saw a huge jump during the pre-market session.

The price you saw when the screenshot was taken ($10.34) was the last available price from the pre-market session at the time. Daily charts generally don’t include data from the pre-market and after-hours sessions, hence why you see a candle with a closing price of $4.47 (the closing price at the end of yesterday’s regular hours session).

If you would prefer to see the previous day’s closing price at the top right instead of the extended session price, you can disable the 24/5 pricing from the Trading preferences menu.

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Thanks Momchil.

I would always like to have the most recent price, whether it’s premarket or not. Is there any way to ensure that the chart always shows this?

If you’ve enabled 24/5 prices, you’ll always see the most recent transaction price for US stocks.

Thanks Bogi, but I was referring to the chart data. During pre-market, it was showing yesterday’s close rather than the current live price, which caused a significant disparity with the price in the stock card on the right.

Blame it on your image @maxkshaw no one could read the numbers in there! when I checked they had both moved to $14.12 :joy:

The image is fine. You just have to open it up. That’s how the page was displayed during pre-market. Even though the price had jumped during pre-market, and the stock card showed this price, the daily chart was still showing yesterday’s close price.