Options to hide stocks you no longer wish to see

Hi, just wondering if it is possible to introduce a feature which hides stocks that you no longer wish to see? If a company has been running at a loss for years and has a horrible debt to assets ratio, instead of accidentally viewing it at a later date by accident it would be great to “hide” it. Cheers

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Why would you want to hide a company? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it? I don’t mean this in a rude way, just really curious.

I guess he means that lets say you bought at 100 USD a share and then it falls to 1 USD a share, you do not want it to continue impacting your portfolio “returns” value on the app for years, but you do not want to sell in case it bounces back.
I can understand it in this scenario.

Sorry, a lot more simple than that. Just mean if you are not interested in a company and never likely to be would be good to hide it from the results that come up from a search.

Just to cut down on endless scrawling

I personally wouldn’t use Trading 212 to find an investment I think that’s a bit of a nuisance to do to be honest.

Use different methods to find stocks and then just buy them in T212 (or stick them on a watchlist.)

Why would you need this ? Just don’t search for the company

So when looking through a directory you can select companies you no longer wish to view. Simple.

You can it’s simple, it’s been a feature for ages !

He’s just winding you up. Ignore him. You can’t do it and he’s just being purposefully obtuse.