Order execute TIME DELAY

It is really frustrating, and the reason for the 95% thing at times I believe.

@Team212 are you able to use different platform as this is painful to execute any orders.

I went on live chat and after 63 minutes my order was executed THANKFULLY lower than I was anticipating as in that time there had been a dip :raised_hands:t2:

It’s left me wary on trading low liquidity though.

This is my first large trade - how do others handle this wait and uncertainty?

Also what are the auction trading hours? Does this always vary dependent on stock or is it transparent for all? Always the same times.

So basically the pending it all about there being no stock to buy (so waiting for someone to sell?) yet I had a list of trades sold in the 63 minutes I waited. Why could they complete orders and I could not?
Still learning. Thank you

Hi guys, I have a question.
What factors effect how long a market order takes to be executed?
I placed an order to sell a particular stock at a price I was happy with, just before a major dip.
The order is still pending and has been for about half an hour, meanwhile the stock is dropping fast along with all my money…

How do day traders navigate this, when every second counts?!

@ollyb someone can correct me if I am wrong, but we only have DMA or direct market access here. That means your order is executed on exchange. Have you checked the liquidity on exchange for the stock - it could simply be low liquidity, or as you mention you may simply have been behind a rush of people trying to sell.