Speed up execution times!

I’ve complained about this before but execution times of orders is atrocious. I have sat and watched for five whole minutes (at least!) whilst my chosen stock skyrockets several times now. How on earth is this acceptable?

Speed up order execution times!


thank you for opening up a post about this but i’ll try and make you feel better now by showing you what atrocious really should mean. i’m fuming right now at how bad this is.

@David, @George - is there a realisitic response to this as customer service is trying to tell me that there weren’t quotes for this instrument and that i should look at 1m candlestick charts which should show grey lines for no quotes. but in between 14:34 and 15:10, there were quite a few, even if you didn’t get me opening prices.

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Damn, I feel for you. The delay really is inexcusable. If you put in an order out of market hours, there’s no excuse to wait forever after the market opens for orders to be executed

what’s making it worse is that customer service is taking equally long to get me a response.

also, may be change the subject to help as opposed to feature suggestion

volume is 3.8mil, so it’s improbable that there were no quotes. there could have been no quotes maybe if they input all orders on ibkr by hand :sweat_smile:

Yes, my previous post on this topic was in the help section but didn’t receive much of a response so I thought I’d try my luck here. It’s more appropriate there even though speedy executions would be a great new feature!

i wouldn’t say it’s a feature @Tyler, it’s a bare minimum for a trading platform. i’ve had 5 - 7 min delays before but 30 - 40 mins?! unbelievable. what if i had north of 5 digits on line there.

Yes you’re right of course, I was just being sarcastic in saying it would be a good feature. I’ve only seen this issue be addressed by T212 representatives once and they basically said it was a problem with Interactive Brokers that was fixed that day. That reason surely doesn’t apply anymore given the frequency of it and quite frankly, 30-40 mins is horrendous, I doubt T212 would have a good enough excuse for that kind of wait time.