Order stuck on "processing"

I can’t do anything, not even cancel…
@Team212 please assist

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I just started investing in ESPO yesterday, I think the eSports industry is going to BOOM in the coming years! When I bought in yesterday it did take slightly longer for the purchase to go through I noticed, but only 5-10 mins max. How long have you been waiting for now?

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Ok thanks. It has been around 10-15 minutes I guess. Not sure though…
I bought it once already and it executed just fine.
Will see. Don’t have any other option anyway :slight_smile:

I have gfin elsewhere as not yet on 212 as well as ESPO.

There seems to an issue today with processing for some. Think I saw a post earlier about it.

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Indeed thanks :wink:

Ah, now it all makes sense!

@David Cancel order for me please as it’s still pending.
Thank you
Edit: just sent you a private message…

@Team212 Is anyone gonna give a f*ck at some point ?
Markets are closing in 5 mins and my order is still pending.
What is going on ???

I was having problems with buying ESPO today too. Took forever for the market orders to go through. Guess it wasn’t just me with issues.

@Enlil The order has been cancelled.

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Thank you, Martin :+1:


Although I do not disagree with this comment, I’d recommend looking into ESPO etf, it holds many more than e-sports and it is quite heavy on hardware manufacturers as well (like AMD and NVDA)

None of these are negatives (for myself) and ESPO (to be precise ESGB) is one of the few ETFs I hold at the moment.

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Hey Kali,

Yup, completely agree! Part of the reason I have this ETF is because of the other holdings it gives me access to - AMD being a brilliant one for sure! (IMO of course!) :ok_hand:

Glad to hear others here like ESPO, it is one of my 2 ETFs I hold. It gives you Tencent exposure whilst in ISA (cant own Tencent outright) and also others like SEA i think of top of my head. I remember it was a play on games but also getting some stock exposure I can elswhere.

What % of portfolio you guys weighting ESPO? I am planning currently to ad to it up to around 10% of portfolio, its not there yet.

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Yeah I’m a big fan of it for sure! It’s currently taking up 1.85% of my portfolio, but I definitely plan to up this. I’m thinking around 8-10% for me. :thinking: