Orders not updating

Hi there,

Previously we could click on existing pending orders and update them but it looks now we are unable to do that. To change an order we now effectively need to delete it and add a new another one from scratch.

Is that going to be normal behaviour or is it a temporary glitch?

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It will be really annoying if they stopped it :frowning:

With the most recent update, pending orders can no longer be modified. Instead, they can be cancelled and resubmitted with the desired criteria.

This change minimizes the chance for pending orders to become stuck and significantly accelerates the upcoming introduction of pending orders for fractional shares.

Is this on all platforms?

Absolutely awful change if so, slowing down the entire trading process

Can we at least have hotkeys worked on?? Otherwise we are just facing increased time required to modify / place new trades to the point where price will have moved before we can enter and confirm

Edit: answered my own question, it is, thanks for the notification I guess…