Paid mad high for this stock, how does this work?

How am i paying an average of $19.60 for this stock if apparently its never been above the say… $18.50 price?


guessing the time has something to do with it?
(american stock market opening time)


change to candlestick chart first

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Not sure what is going on with the line chart on T212, maybe it is meant to be like that but I don’t use it

TradingView has a high of 19.88 on the 16th Feb

Ah ok, this is really useful thank you…

still no highs of 19…

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It was a market buy so guessing there was a limit sell at that price and it triggered. Like when I sold AMC it sold for more than my limit sell as it jumped massively instantly so broker struggled to fill buy orders thus buyers paying premium.

I’ve noticed this myself many, many times. You overpay if you make market orders. People suggest Limit orders. I’ve never used it, I’ll need to learn how to use it. I sugggest you look into it.

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Limit order essentially means if you want to buy at say £10, and price is £12 it wont buy, but if whilst your chillaxing watching a film it dips to £9 your order should get filled for maximum of £10.


Yeah, I get the concept, just never used it. And I know you need to keep your eye on the price and adjust your limit order accordingly to get the best price. Thanks for the explaination though <3

Just set it at the price you are happy with, otherwise you spend your life looking at the price getting the best price :smiley:

One issue is a believe now limit orders have to be for £100 value or more, so when buying smaller positions have to do market order.

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True, forgot about that requirement.

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Yeah I like to buy smaller and often for averaging so have to buy market, however my holdings are not very volatile so unlikely to get these spikes, with small caps and less liquid stocks gotta be careful

to be fair, I have never overpaid on a market order. but I usually buy companies of mid cap or larger with great liquidity.

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I don’t think it is possible to ‘overpay’ on a market order because you get NBBO regardless National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) Definition

But yeah on volatile stocks you can get a better price by setting a limit order if the stock is fluctuating around a bit plus sometimes the pricefeed on the app is sometimes a bit slow updating so what may seem like a bad market order price actually isn’t

Would recommend getting to grips with limit orders though, note there is currently a 100 $/£/euro minimum for limit orders (depends on ccy of stock)

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Opening trade was 19.58 and went as high as 19.86 in the first 15m

Opening ask


Hi Phil. I see you use WeBull for your US charts. I really like their info, top 5 by industry ( 5d,month,ytd) and screener - hoping 212 will use this model.

WeBull don’t have UK stocks so just curious as to what you use here? Cheers

I have U.K. stocks on Webull?

That screengrab above is TradingView which is excellent.

Trade information from ADVFN

Yeah I wish T212 app was the same as WeBull.

One day we might get L2 and the tape :crossed_fingers: