Paxmedica PXMD might be interesting today!

I’ve been busy buying over the last month especially after watching an interview with the CEO. Today it is up 90% in the pre-market. Benzinga says that short interesting is a ridiculous 97%!!! This is going to be interesting to watch. Get the popcorn and get a comfy seat to watch I have no idea what’s going to happen and haven’t found any news

Now up 114% in the pre market

Trading already halted at $6.60 (yesterday’s close $3.10)

Oh and just a bit more info. Benzinga and TradingView say that PXMD’s market cap is only $5m. If it has a drug that’s effective for autism it does have a lot of potential (why I was buying into it).

wow the gift of PXMD. I sold out most of my holding when it more than doubled a week ago and then it crashed back down to its pre-rise level (possibly due to shorting) so I loaded up again and added significantly and now it has double again