Penny Share trades

Is there anything T212 can do to make investing in penny shares easier ? Do you have anything in the pipeline ? Would it be possible for penny shares with more significant trading volumes to be traded more often ?

By easier I mean faster, showing spreads, display of next possible trade time etc
Can you match the performance of freetrade ?

I have asked something similar in the past but this is more of a general query to see what might be planned. Another t212 user has helped with this showing trade times of the system you currently use

Many thanks

They used to show spreads so cant see that being too difficult but I dont think they’ll admit last traded isn’t great.
Average trade volume / time to execute would also be neat, but then you need to discount when the markets are closed so not so easy.
Performance - they’re reliant mostly on on book trading, so thats why execution can appear slower - because of the limited execution methods, but then everything comes at a cost.

Just a general view from another user.

Higher trading volume in itself means that the instrument is traded more often. If you’re referring to max position sizes, though - if volumes improve, we can revisit them.

Orders are always filled as per our execution policy. Delays occur as a result of a lack of quotation in the instrument. And as far ar as displaying the spread goes, it is not currently possible because of the LTP - more info :point_right: here.

Interesting idea, for sure, however, I don’t think it’s applicable in practice because " the next possible trade time" mostly depends on when the next available quote would be.

I think they’re referring to stuff on setsQX here BE

You mean the official auctions? We may consider displaying them down the road, however, I can’t commit to anything for the time being.