Penny stocks with quick potential


It’s for US, UK can create accounts but can’t trade.

I really hope T212 can add L2 this year. :crossed_fingers:


Oh, i didnt know we can make accounts, thanks!

In my personal opinion, it is time to buy more BNGO especially when they are reaching a new low as the dip is for a good cause in business as they are offering share.

I have been buying GAXY (Galaxy Next Generation) since a few days ago

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I have BNGO going to 4 and GHSI at 0.6 today

Buy the dip I guess :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

Shame we can’t go short on these.

What app/program is this? Is it free to view?

It’s WeBull, it’s for US but UK can create accounts but can’t trade. The US L2 and T&S is free for 3mths I think then you can either use a new email, or pay the couple of quid to keep it.

It doesn’t have LSE unfortunately.

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Thanks, I’ve sign up now.
Would happily pay for L2 on T212.

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Add ARB too :slight_smile:

ARB is very illiquid and trades are not executed well on trading212 (especially limit orders), see threads

I would be very careful

Phil, is this bid and ask graph based on existing limit orders at the time of the screenshot?

Those who want to know what GAXY is doing, there is a video here:

Given the current price and its potentail I have taken a plunged

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Pretty weird video, made on a potato and looking like interviewing a business from 2008. Whats with the profile pic inside a car on the cover?

Thats not inspiring confidence!

2.379 billion shares. 0.01 to 0.03 and back to 0.01


Had to post this after reading your reply lol


Hey. love that video clip. But I never have any intention to pump and dumb the stock price, neither will benefit from it as I just have a very small position. It is just my personal opinion. And even you only have half brain is functioning you will understand that influencing the retail investors (not institutional investors, hedge funds) which are majority in this Trading 212 will not contribute to pump and dumb. Unless they are millionarie Investor, the shear amount of shares they could buy/sell is insignificant to pump and dumb the share price.

And I believe it is the purpose of the thread to share what you believe, without being afraid to be accused of pumping the share price.

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I am buying in :


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These seem to have some potential, least confident In GAXY though.

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Guys if you are interested in microcaps companies, check out my pie:

Thanks I alredy have

I only open very small position on all stock above. It is the money I could effort to lose.

Penny stocks are extremely risky, so If we could help each other to share information, it will be great. If you have a red flag for these stocks above please make us aware.


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Another Penny Stock I am considering Buying. Senseonics Holdings, Inc. (SENS). I know they are manfcturing CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) for ytpw and type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is prevalent around the world. Does anyone have any comment about this stock ?