POA - United Arab Emirates

Hello. I am a European citizen living in the United Arab Emirates where Trading 212 does accept customers from. I have consistently issues and have my proof of address documents returned and asked over and over again.

I understand most clients are from the UK with a well established address system and post codes.

However, the United Arab Emirates do not use a formal address system. Each utility provider records the address in its preferred format and banks often use the employers name and PO box in statements.

The country does not have a post code system. In fact residential addresses in the UAE are not postal addresses, residents use PO boxes (post office boxes) for correspondence which do not relate to their residential address.

I have sent my bank statement, water, electricity and municipality bill (3 in 1), broadband & landline bill, residence visa copy, government attested tenancy agreement, however none meet the Trading 212 standards it seems.

Please adjust your expectations on POA on the realities of other countries, not every country uses the same system as the UK and not in every country address is mentioned in the same set of documents.

Will I be able to start using my “real money” account on the basis of my UAE residence, or should I look for another broker?

We do accept individuals from the UAE, but to proceed, we need to receive a specific type of document with certain information on it. As the name suggests, the Proof of Address document is requested to make sure that you have entered a correct and valid address. We perfectly understand that some countries have different standards for entering addresses, but this cannot override the regulatory requirements that we are obliged to follow. Our suggestion would be to go to any branch of your bank and request a bank statement on a paper copy with your address entered completely as it is in your account.

Thank you Tony. How can someone check the address used when registering before ID verification is complete? It’s been two weeks, I do not remember what format I entered it exactly to precisely match, as the ID verification team seems to be too sensitive with POA documents precision.

Well yes, it’s expected and it’s a must for us to be sensitive about all reviewed documents & processed information - that’s the primary point of having a reliable onboarding process, which is fully compliant with the regulatory requirements. Nonetheless, information about your personal details can be requested at info@trading212.com