The name is Musk, Elon musk

New Era has begun


Ooooooooooof!! I’m so close.

I just hope he chooses his words wisely or we’re all in the red!!

What a run it’s been though, I’ve been nervous a few times along the way especially the day of the inclusion but here it is :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Where are the short-sellers of the community? It’s your time to truly open a short position, rather than just posting against Tesla.

They only like KFC :poultry_leg: :yawning_face:

I would love to short Tesla. But that is not how short selling works. No one will short sell it unless you get some sort of insider information that the company is corrupt or fake (see Nikola) or when the market looses optimism in that particular company. If you read any investor forum online you will see everyone is still optimistic that the stock will get to $1000 by the end of January and they are not selling. There is too much optimism surrounding Musk and Tesla to short it now. And if everyone keeps their optimism up there might be weeks / months / years until a short position becomes profitable.

I have personally lost optimism and got out this week. Looking for opportunities somewhere else now :thinking:

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