Wrong Price order please help asap

Hi last night I tried cancelling an order of ENSV last night which said cancellation failed then 7 minutes later it filled my order at 2.78 instead of the actual price at the time which was 2.44 can anyone help me as trading212 email is not responding and it’s losing me money due to an absurd error from T212 I have evidence any help is appreciated @Tony.V @David @Joey_Fantana

What time was your order filled? You can see that in the History.

Was it a market order or limit order? If it was a market order the price is indicative and will execute at the best price available on the market.

Your price isn’t guaranteed especially in small cap stocks.

Was filled at 8:22 does anyone know why my order wasn’t cancelled anyway as I didn’t even want the trade but as you can see it wouldn’t let me cancel

And I would like to understand why it didn’t let me cancel my order as it was 5 minutes I was trying to @Tony.V @Tony @David