Problems with the candlesticks for WTEM

Hi! There is a problem I noticed for sometime ago with WTEM. You can see the graph:

Can something be done about it, is it a liquidity problem?


Hey, @adriantc.

The above is caused by the market conditions - the instrument’s liquidity and the spread.

@Bogi.H Thanks for the reply. As a buyer DCAing with autoinvest I am wondering if under this liquidity and spread issues it is possible that I might get them at a much higher price than the normal market price. Is that a risk?

Would appear so. Afaik the auto-invest uses market orders, and while most T212’s trades are settled against their own book, you do run the risk to eat some of the spikes you see.

In general, but even more so for high spread/low liquidity instruments, you should prefer a Limit order to insure the price.

I’d advice to execute your transactions manually with a Limit order, and then import your investments in the pie you use.