Proof of Address in Spain

Hello @k0udek. As you are aware we accept a limited range of documents due to regulatory requirements, but still there are quite a lot of options. You can certainly request any branch of your bank to issue a copy of your recent statement with a stamp and signature and we will accept it. If you have a Driving License with a valid address however, this could save you a trip to the bank.

I will DM you with more info on the subject.

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That’s very stupid, a friend of mine had the same issue, She sent them 4 different kinds of documents even on from the Government proof of address, then her tax documents and everywhere the address was mentioned very clearly… I mean you need to have set of working eyes to see it :wink: Well just contact the FCA directly and escalate the issue.

They should verify the address when depositing the money … how about that? Also you can give feedback to them… something about your experience on Apple Store or Play Store

Well summing up all she had a very pathetic experience with them. On the chat no one was even reading her messages but just sending her a URL that the documents are mentioned please send us any of those documents… very very stupid support.

As much as I agree that the situation of providing documents while renting is tricky, sending random papers and not reading our instructions will definitely not help. We have plenty of documents that we accept so there is ALWAYS an option.

The document verification process is usually a matter of a few minutes, but it does not only require “a set of working eyes”, but your cooperation as well.

Yes she has sent all kinds of documents and at the end you guys accepted her previously sent documents so it means the people who previously rejected those documents either are incapable to handle their jobs or simple don’t hat a set of “working eyes”. Otherwise you wouldn’t have verified her account !!! sometimes accepting being wrong and fixing the problem is the best solution rather than acting like a disgruntled child.

I don’t know which kind of corporation you guys are expecting from your customers? If you are calling government approved proof of address, Tax documents, bank statements “random papers” then should I get you in contact with the defense minister of my country?
I mean look at your tone how you are talking !!! that’s so sad instead of accepting your fault, you are still rubbing it on your customers face. just pathetic ! you could do better.

oh and a big round of applause for you guys because at the end T212 accepted those “Random Papers” as a authentic proof of address.

Constructive feedback is always appreciated, however, the following etiquettes are not something that we consider as a proper way to criticize “very very stupid support”, “incapable to handle their jobs”, “just pathetic” and so on. The whole matter is about a third party account, and we’re not in a position where we’ll disclose more information about it. Nonetheless, you may be certain that every single requirement, such as the type of accepted documents, is part of the compliance guidelines which every regulated has to comply with. And yes, even if you find a particular document as valid for the registration, there may be other requirements (explained by our team in the correspondence) which might be blocking us from accepting it.

Very well said, alright I apologize for my comments, I could have written it in a constructive way. I should be more cautious in the future. Well I have corrected myself, it is indeed very simple.

I really like the T212 app and all its features, I am thankful for T212 for providing excelling commission free trading and for sure developers are putting their best to develop bug free features, same goes for your quality assurance department.

But if you please look at your Google Play 1 star comments, many of them are referring to this very same issue, I don’t think this is fair with your development team, as they are putting so much hard work in development. By now you should have developed a procedure to handle this issue and could have spent time in making sure nothing such that happen again and not only this you should explain very clearly that "why some document is not being accepted even though it is in the provided list of documents which is sent by you.

If you want to continue move forward like you are … then you have to simplify the clutter which makes your customers annoyed and frustrated. (take me for example). You should do the address verification in the beginning of the account opening… well I am not going to write any further, I am sure that it is enough that I have explained my issue in a constructive way :slight_smile:

Have a nice day, “very very excellent support”, “very capable to excel at their job”, and very delightful team :innocent:

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hi @Tony.V I’m from Barbados and I have been having difficulty getting the proof of address verified. I’ve submitted an electric utility bill and a recent bank statement. I’ve submitted a ticket for assistance and haven’t received any update on the matter. I checked the account and it is still waiting to me verified. Can you kindly assist me.

Greetings @Kela. Your account is now fully active.

@Michael.P thank you very much for the speedy assistance.

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Hi @Michael.P. I am in the same situation as Kela and would like your assistance if it’s possible. I just sent to the bank statement that I got today at the local bank branch. Please help me on my address verification asap. Thank you in advance!

@artnau From what I can see you have been provided with detailed information on what we are allowed to accept as Proof of Address via email. What I can add is that regardless of your country and your bank we can only approve documents which contain certain information due to regulatory requirements.

I would suggest you to follow the instructions of my colleagues and I am certain that an option will be found.

@Michael.P What can I do in the case the only document that can include my name on the address is the bank statement? Every other document that you mention in your email is delivered to my apartment with the name of my family (my father or mother). Also the driving license and national ID card does not include my complete address but only the city that I live. How can I get my address verified in this situation? I don’t understand why you don’t accept my bank statement that’s signed and stamped and is got today from my bank. Please help me solve this situation.

@artnau The bank statement is a perfectly valid document, however it must contain certain information. Different banks have different formats, but usually names, addresses or other details can be added upon personal request.

@Michael.P The bank statement that I sent to you has my address on it. I went to the bank and added the max characters that their statement could show on the address field. This is not something that I can control. It is their system and I can’t do nothing more than give them my address and they give me what thier system can show on a statement. I sent the bank statement with the address part highlighted to help you but you still don’t accept it. It has been a nightmare for me trying to verify something that is very clear but you still don’t accept it. I don’t know what to do else since I don’t have other bills or documents addressed on my name. Please help me…

Can someone please help me!

Last week I decided to switch from a € account to a $ account.

I closed the other one, then tried to open this one, but mobilephone proof of address is no longer accepted!!

I have no other utility bill in my name!

My bank statement does not have my address on it. I even went to santander to ask for my address to be put on, they advised me they could not and would not do this.

My revolt statement which contains all the data required was rejected.

My most recent tax later was rejected.

As a last resort, I remember I have a padron , this is the official Spanish document to prove where I live.
At first it was rejected.
Then on Tuesday I was told it does qualify, and it would be passed to the ID team.

I have written twice using the same chain link since and no reply.
So I started a new one who said “bank statement” i showed them old email chain who then said They would chase. … and chased this afternoon and still silence.
I tried submitting padron the official way, and it was rejected.

If I have no utilities in my name
If my tax document was rejected
If my revolut banking statement was rejected
If my mobile was rejected
If my banking statement does not and cannot contain my address.

If my padron was rejected, then accepted, then 3 days of silence…

What exactly do I do now?
every time I send a new email, I either get no response, or told banking statement , and the circle begins again.

If someone from trading212 could read this and resolve this that would be great.

At the moment all i get is… ill chase it up, then silence.

thanks in advance
Someone somewhere must be able to help.

@Dave5555 The bank statement is indeed a document we can accept regardless of the country of your residence. Sadly in some cases some information may not be included and this would not allow us to proceed. Nevertheless I would not recommend to provide documents which have never been outlined as valid with the hope that they may be accepted. Such actions will not accelerate the procedure, but it would rather slow it down and complicate it further.

I will provide you with some additional details personally as you have plenty of options.