QFI stock UK please explain any applicable charges

Please help
I bought QFI yesterday at 2.19.
Today it’s currently sitting at 2.51.

I should be in the green but it says that I’m 9.94% in the red. Why is this?

Thanks in advance

Have you checked the sell price? Sell price needs to be above the price you bought at to be in profit

The BID is currently 1.97

So percentage diff form 2.19 to 1.97 is about 10%

That spread seems insanely high, I’ll take a look

@David really need to say :no_good_man: to Bloomberg, this isn’t even vaguely indicative.

App showing 2.51 / 1.97 @ 9:05

I’m seeing these around 2.47 / 2.09 at that time.

And its failed to get a quote in the last hour and half where the spread closed back to 2.19 / 2.07

Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 10.28.49

So the BID isn’t 1.97 as the app is showing, its 2.07 (~10am) which makes your unrealised loss 5.6338%

The sell price is 1.97.
I understand now but I wish I paid more attention before I bought it. So what share price this must be at for break even?

Sell price 1.97
My average is 2.19

Currently share price at 2.51

I am on T212 invest (not CFD)


2.19 on the BID (sell) would be your break even if thats your average.

My post to @David is basically pointing out the BID/ASK in the app is not indicative.

As of right now the ASK (buy) is 2.19 and the BID (sell) is 2.02