Reduction in T212 quantities

Understood, thanks for looking into that anyway :slight_smile:

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@Bogi.H not a new stock request per se, but couldn’t find the correct thread and don’t want to spam witha a new one.

Could you change the minimum trading quantity on Pernod Ricard (ticker RI at Paris) to 0.01 or 0.001? Thanks!

We decreased the minimum trading quantity to 0.01 units :heavy_check_mark:

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Is it possible to reduce the minimum traded quantity of SHED - Urban Logistics REIT PLC? Ta!

The minimum trading quantity for Urban Logistics REIT (SHED) is now 1 unit.

Juat seen Vivos run and has around 45 mil in volume today, average of 250k volume daily but limit for that is 80, surely something wrong there.

We increased the limits for Vivos Therapeutics (VVOS) to 100 shares.

I own 1156 shares of IPU (an Invesco UK small cap ETF). I’d like to add more over time but the buy option in T212 is blocked out unless your switch to value but then you get a message informing there is a maximum of 1156 shares.

Is this an error? In which case please fix/lift the limit. Or is there a limit to how many shares a person can have in this ETF? Perhaps because it’s small cap companies with low float or is it just a strange policy by Invesco or T212?

Yeah, I can see it in their APIs. 1156 is the max long position allowed at the moment … obviously I don’t know a reason for that and looking at the LSE data I’d say IPU is liquid enough to sustain significantly higher limits than that…1156 feels low… bigger trades than that have gone through today alone… even if the settlement behind the scenes is complicated that’s not really the customers fault and it’s t212’s problem


@TheGreatOneEye, @haggis_mince, the maximum order and position sizes are aligned with our risk management policy and current market conditions. We’re regularly reviewing the quantities. You can find out more here.

On a side note, we increased the maximum order & position size for (Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Cos Investment Trust (IPU) to 1,500 shares.

AEY Addvantage technologies group is so low for buying shares, it is only £55.00 worth which is pointless to trade.

Please increase this to at least £300.

Thank you.

MedAvail Holdings Inc is so low for buying shares, it is only £80.00 worth which is pointless to trade and i wont trade unless its minimum £200 on any ticker.

Please increase this to at least £300. As you know i will only use Trading 212 and i promote trading 212 as the best platform.

Thank you.

We’ve increased the quantities of MedAvail (MDVL) to 120 shares, which equals 220.8 USD.

It’s a nano-cap security with a market capitalization of 3M and low trading volume. For now, we won’t be able to raise the quantities further.

We won’t be able to increase the quantities for ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc. (AEY). The instrument is traded on NASDAQ; however, the company received several warnings from the exchange that they are in breach of compliance with the minimum bid price requirement for continued listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market. The market capitalization is only 600k, and the instrument has a low trading volume and infrequent quotes.

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You are always fantastic helping the customers.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Please can you increase GGE Green Giant Energy to a minimum of £300 at present you can only buy £90 worth, which is not worth anyone’s time trading.

As you know i only use and support Trading212.

Thank you kindly.


I’m sorry to disappoint you, but we won’t be amending the Green Giant (GGE) quantities now. The current limit adequately reflects the instrument’s market conditions.

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Thank you for the reply, i respect your decision.

Please may you suggest in future to your evaluation team to make £100 the bare minimum for all stocks, so that it is worthwhile trading them.

Thank you very much.


Hi Trading212 Team,

Can you increase the limit on MIGI please. Thank you very much!
Can you make it more than 10k Shares.

Kindest Regards

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I second this please

@LearnerEarner, I’ll pass on this suggestion :pray:

@AlteredCarbon, @Megabytes, for now, we won’t be able to increase the limits for this instrument.