Reduction in T212 quantities

@Zergui Apologies, it’s corrected now.

How was the maths done on that one?
7500 shares is $1.2M but 1500 shares is $28M?


Associated British Foods ASBFY 323 1,613 6,489 32,445

Am confused with all this, so example: Are you saying i cant hold more than $32,445 worth ABF shares and why is the ticker symbol ASBFY instead of ABF?

@David @KrisG

This is likely to be a secondary listing on an other exchange.


It’s the OTC version of the stock

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Very dissapointing news, people will just move funds to another broker tht doesnt have such limits.


Will this affect when it comes to selling shares that you already hold or is this implications on buying?

Correct for the OTC version - ASBFY. The max position size for ABF (LSE) is $1.25M.

Apart from the fact that I am really disappointed with this out of the blue, strange change I would like to ask what’s up with Rio Tinto. Ticker is Rio but list shows another stock. Also BHP shows double with same ticker but different limitation numbers.

Would be nice if list is cleaned up beforehand…

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These limits will pose massive restrictions on my investing strategy from 6-24 months onwards

Not happy at all and the worst part the list of restrictions makes no sense at all in my mind


I’d suggest these are the dual listings.

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seeing all these new risk management rules, come up in this bear market, one might think trading is running low on safety margins, might be better to explain exactly what’s going on, before speculations drag you down


Yeah but what is what, it’s all identical in the list, can’t tell it apart

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Yes you can, one says NYSE one says LSE.

This is worrisome! I have been trading for more 20 years and I have never seen something like this before. I’m interested to know if someone has seen caping the maximum amount holding? What’s the risk in that? Also what happens if you’re maxed out and a split happens? The most worrying part to me is that it seems the decision was made in a rush. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see errors in the list.

Anyway, can someone tell me why there are two Teslas on the list?


Not to quote myself but I’d suspect


Im sure i speak for the many here but we all joined 212 for the easy to use platform and the low fees the felxibitly on buying and selling shares, this is a huge dissapointment to have news like this. Its like being controlled as to what we can and cant buy too much of. Will be looking at possibly moving to other brokers due to such news. Also will someone from the admin team answer if there will be any complications in selling when it comes to selling in quantities. Thanks.


To be fair, most quality companies have a limit in the range of 600k-1.2M, i don’t think this is a huge restriction to most people around here.

That being said, some smaller companies do have anemic maximum sizes.

But then again, T212 has just no viable competition out there :person_shrugging:

I’m just looking for more clarity on such restrictions regarding the position sizes.


@Zergui which other companies have this limit?

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Can you name one of the quality companies you refer to?

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Just look at the list? The companies with very small limitations are mostly small cap / penny stocks.

Pretty much all quality companies are above 600k, which is probably much higher than the needs of most people around here.

At the same time, even for the worst of penny stocks, those that are limited to 50$ is quite mind bugging.

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