Reduction in T212 quantities

I thought you meant brokers


I thought you were referring to other brokers, no broker has these limits to my knowledge, so why would T212.


Think we will have to google other platforms.

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Yeh some silly numbers on that list as what you are able to hold for small caps.

Sorry for lack of clarity mates.

If this is a risk management strategy, can someone tell me what is the risk in holding for example $10M of Tesla shares?

Can this be a risk for T212 when share lending? If that they could have capped what they lend. I simply don’t understand.


Lol have to check the list before buying anything now :rofl:


Yeah, I’d imagine the average T212 account is probably only four – maybe five – figures. And, as you say, the lower limits seem to be for much less liquid stocks.

I wish the $400k max position size for Microsoft was a problem of my portfolio! :laughing:


So heres a suggestion since 212 wont actually listen to anyone and veto the list. Why dont you add the limit amount specs to each stock at the bottom in the description which saves us from scrolling through this list thats been created.


I suspect it automatically won’t allow you to place the order or will force a sell. You don’t need to check the list every time.

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Hi may i suggest you add the limits to each ticker at the bottom of the desription of the ticker, this saves time from scrolling through the whole list every time were about to make a purchase.

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Will be good to just have it there for reference on the tickers rather than trying and wandering what the limit is.

Very, very disappointed. I’ve been using T212 for roughly 2 years now, and practically all the reasons for picking it in the first place have vanished.

I will be liquidating everything on my T212 account as soon as I can manage and moving everything to IBKR.

Selling everything will create a taxable event for me, sadly, and I’ll need to pay something around €1000 just to deal with that, but I’m sure I’ll save that amount just by moving my assets from this platform. (Oh and I forgot the FX fee that got implemented. Another -€1000 for that. Thanks T212)


I am positively certain that you will 100% make back the difference from IBKR lower costs. :hugs:

Amazing that you only pay 1000€ on capital gain from your 700k portfolio!

As we all know stock price fluctuate all the time in that case what takes priority amount of allowed shares or value of position? If I haven’t reached size cap but value of position is already above limit can I still buy or not?

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The article suggests it is the shares quantity. The dollar equivalent is given as reference, from prices of 04/08.

If you haven’t reached the share cap, you will still be able to buy.

Now if you were to place an order that put you over, we don’t know if:

  • The order is denied
  • The order is adjusted
  • The order goes through, followed immediately by a matching forced sell to put you back under the limit.

Is ikbr availble in the UK?

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I mean ibkr in the UK?

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Yes. (20 characters)

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Thanks for the condescending attitude. And not that I have anything to prove to you, but yes my account on T212 over €100K.

As for what you “think” about IBKR, that’s pretty much irrelevant to the discussion at hand. I wasn’t trying to convince anyone to go to IBKR, but sharing what I am going to do. And I believe it will be more cost effective for me. You do you.

Edit to address capital gains tax: different country, different taxes. My country is considered a tax haven.