Royal Dutch Shell - opinions

I sold shell probably too soon. Given their strong revenue and need to diversify, if they play their cards right could do really well.

One simple thought - they entered the consumer gas/electric supply. They could instantly have an extra 1.7m customers if they take on Bulb that went into administration. A company I believe that used to supply only green energy.

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I would have sold mine too after i managed to come out from deep red but because it’s on HL i couldn’t afford to pay another £11.95 so i held on and would probably continue to do so.

High trading fees kinda locks you into long term investing even if your stocks are on fire :rofl:


No rush to do that as Bulb are in special admin. Let the government foot the bill whilst the gas prices are high and move later.

Shell the utility interests me.

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Yeah I think to be honest the companies like Bulb are not that profitable and have more risks than Shell/BP current businesses so no need to rush into that consumer side, I think their consumer petrol stations (at least BP) have had good growth in last year or two in terms of food/coffee/other and I think highly likely Shell and BP can be key EV charging hubs as they build out those networks, they dont need to turn a profit from renewables or EV charging anytime soon either as printing money in oil/gas areas. Looney had interesting comments about the usage needed at EV charging for a break even on the last earnings call.

Is it just me or does the Shell stock not perform as well as BP?

Actualy since the oil lows last year Shell has outperformed BP. Also last 6 months looks like RDSB up 20+% and BP <9%. 3 months they are same, and 1 month BP outperformed. So not massive difference if long timeframe but if short then yes can change which one outperforms. I own BP but not Shell and I see BP as very undervalued.


Yeah I hold both for the long term.

What I’m seeing is my BP stock seems to stay in the green much longer than Shell. And get better returns.

Might just be me. Anyway maybe if we get some good news on the 10th December this might improve Shell’s stock.

I also hold both but not in large amounts right now.
What I am seeing with both companies is taking a leading role in H2 production.
This makes perfect sense to me due to the sites,engineers,transportation and forcourts they already own.
Seeing beyond oil will be vital to their future profits and acting now will hopefully make me some money.

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Well these companies have the resources to make changes for the better. This is why I have invested heavy in them.

I’m seeing BP are doing great things recently.

Interesting :thinking:

Black Friday sale today, both down 5%+ on oil price action due to new variant worries. Zoom out and remember at $60 a barrel BP is able to cover costs etc and buyback $1bn of stock a quarter and service annual 4% div raise. Oil is still well in the 70s.

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Someone did say be greedy when others are fearful

Another person did say investing is a game of noble men & women whom spend most of their time playing golf until Mr Market presents an opportunity and then they go for the kill.

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