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Thanks looking forward to more info

There has been an update on transfering the ADRs to Gazpromvank for conversion. (Have bot looked it up thoroughly yet) but does Trading 212 support this process?

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Any update on what can we do with our shares?

I asked via the in-app chat with someone from Trading212 and they said they are waiting on news and would inform us as soon as they know. Kinda weird if you ask me. The delisting is effective from 8 a.m. GMT on 31 may 2022. There is not much time left and Trading212 does not have any information on this topic. Should we apply for a recipient bank account with Gazprombank?

Exaxtly, i just asked also. IBKR Seems to be converting shares. We need a solution, not to be left in Limbo ubtill all is lost !!

Also please note all our GDRs are held by IBKR !!! T212 should be coordinating with them as the intermediary

EVRAZ plc: Termination of the registry

After 2022-08-19, the “termination date” share registration services (transfers, dividends, voting, etc.) will no longer be done by Computershare Investor Services PLC (“Computershare”) but by the company EVRAZ itself. There will be no change for you, and our intermediary will continue to hold shares in our client Оmnibus account on your behalf.

Any update on Polymetal (poly) currently on sell only mode?

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(Sharecast News) - Russia-focussed steel producer Evraz said on Thursday that net profits had fallen to next to nothing in the six months ended 30 June.

Evraz said net profits had fallen 99.5% year-on-year to $6.0m as a strong rouble and a multitude of other headwinds, most notably those stemming from Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, impacted operations throughout the half.

Underlying earnings rose 19.4% to $2.5bn due to higher coal prices and an improved performance in its North American assets, while Evraz also posted a negative free cash flow of $59.0m, a marked turnaround when compared to its positive $836.0m net cash flow at the same time a year earlier.

“Recent geopolitical tensions have given rise to significant corporate governance and operating challenges for Evraz,” said chief executive Aleksey Ivanov.

“On top of that, strong rouble, declining demand for our products, and increased competition on Evraz’s traditional markets present additional headwinds.”

Ivanov added that he expects geopolitical tensions, economic pressures, and sanctions to continue to dictate the London-listed group’s operating environment in the second half.

As of 0940 BST, Evraz shares remained suspended.

Currently, there isn’t any news, and both listings of Polymetal International (LSE: POLY and OTC: AUCOY) remain in close-only mode. I’ll let you know if anything changes.


Any news on the Gazprom ADR? I have no problem if the intention at present is to wait out the war, but would be good to get confirmation.

It’s still locked up