Seeking alpha premium? Or something else?

Simple question regarding seeking alpha…

Are any of you guys/girls on seeking alpha and if so does anyone pay for the premium?

£30 a month/£240 annually isn’t a lot if it’s worth it and helps you make that money back which let’s be honest isn’t a lot, I mean I know there’s others out there and other ways of doing research but have taken a liking to the platform and have read up about the features it has to offer but would essentially like some reviews of avid users of it or by all means any alternatives you think are better is anyone is willing to share!

I got a month premium for an article I published, so have little experience with it. I would say that it depends on what other services you use and what you use SA for.

I already follow my stocks and favourite authors and since I only use it for the articles I don’t feel a need for the premium service. However, if you want information such as company data and investment ideas/screeners, then it could definitely be worth it. Nevertheless, I do believe there are free tools out there that offer the similar services. I would recommend the premium service only if SA is your all-in-one stop for investing.

Also be aware of the cost compared to your portfolio size. If you have an account that’s under 24k you’re basically paying >1% returns for it.

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I don’t have the premium plan. I only use it for dividend news. Most articles on SA are biased, I don’t read them anymore. I do my own DD and make my own decisions.

Sometimes I think if you do opposite of the author consensus on SA you do far better then following Authors advice.

But may that was sheer coincidence :thinking:


Do the opposite of them all, have you seen motley fool? Literally says it in the name lol they contradict so much but then again who would tell “random” people the winners

Rule of thumb: don’t follow analysts. There was one of JPMorgan which released an analysis of a stock, don’t know which one. But the track record of that analyst wasn’t good. I believe his past. analysis were right 4% of the time.

I don’t have much experience with SA but my most recent interaction involved me correcting the information one of their writers had published on a SPAC acquisition. The whole article was about an acquisition target that was completely wrong.

And even when I presented them sources to the contrary, the article is still live. All the author did was say ‘yeah you’re right’ in the comments.

Irresponsible would be my description but that is aimed at their journalism side rather than their tools.

Impossible to do the opposite unless you just don’t invest at all since they have so many contradictory articles. :joy: