Series of features request


Here are my suggestion and I think it will be great if they cold be implemented.

  1. Daily gains/loses in percentage and currency (not standard view, but with a toggle switch/button)
  2. Portfolio performance (chart&percentages) relative to s&p 500, DJIA, FTSE 100 etc(not standard view, but with a toggle switch/button)
  3. Offer leverage tied to stock investment at competitive rate or free with a added feature fee

Here is a somewhat graphical perspective to number 2.

The idea is to make it easier to compare portfolio performance to the well known indices.

Please lets let us know what your opinion is T212


Thanks for the suggestions, Phil. We will consider all of them!


That’s all I want, just to see how I’ve really been doing, is actually quite hard to tell when you deposit every week. Would be easy if it was a lump sum investment

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