Snap shares dive 35% following poor earnings report

The upside is actually good 100%+ based on the recent analyst price target

Also P/S ratio is pretty good 4.25 with reasonable debt considering it is a growth stock
Debt-to-Equity Ratio 1.05
Current Ratio 7.19

I have a closer look of this stock, they have diluted their shares enormously through stock base compensation, rewarding themselves and other executives for failures while the shareholders, holding the bag…

It is good to be very cautious to the companies where they they did a lot of stock based compensation and where insiders keep selling their share despite despite the share price keep dropping.

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What’s the source of the buying/selling? Would love to see that for other places.

Not sold on Snap at all btw

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@TInvest. Just my personal opinion, we should not rely on a single source. The best source is ourself by learning the fundamental Analysis to identify whether the stock is undervalue or not.
The technical analysis to determine the best possible entry.

I just meant, where is the best place to get data on insider buys v sells.

@TInvest Many free stock analytical site provide that info but it is not the best one as they are not instant. For Snapchat as above for instance I took it from Marketbeat.
Another one is stockinvest. This is example of their report on Snapchat

For most specific and instant

Sometimes with subscription basis

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I prefer SimplyWallSt for analysis. Free plan available.

I would agree with simply wall. Their diagram in the free version is also good to get the general impression on how the stock is performing for people who want to have a quick look before diving into a more detail.

But the TInvest question is “I just meant, where is the best place to get data on insider buys v sells.”. It is about where to get data on insider buying and selling.
In my personal opinion, the free version of Simply wall does not provide enough info on this.

Finviz has a rather detailed insider trading information section, but I don’t think they have global data; if i recall, only US and maybe CAN.

EU insiders data is always much harder to come by.

To me Finviz is the best “free stock screener”, very easy to use especially to be used for trading.

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