Sold pie, stuck at 83% selling

Trying to teach myself the basics with £50. After a day with a “pie” I tried, I noticed it had made money and wanted to see how easy it was to sell. It’s stuck at 83% selling, has been for maybe 12 hours. Unfortunately, as it’s stuck, all my money is stuck in “portfolio”, including the 83% that has successfully sold. Is this common or an error?

Which stock is stuck and what time did you sell the pie?

If different markets you need to make sure they are open at time of trading and if going by your 12hrs stuck from this time if it’s a uk/eu traded stock it would have been closed

It was GameStop (I know, I genuinely didn’t even know about the Reddit thing, I just thought for my first pie I’d stick to my interests, so GameStop for gaming, beyond meat for some ethics) and Tesco. Tesco is now sold, it’s just GameStop that’s left. I believe GameStop is remaining just because of how mad that situation is?

GME market doesn’t open until 2.30pm UK time so once it opens it should fill. Price is down premarket though so hopefully it comes up and doesn’t fill lower for you

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GME is madness right now, chances are you make a nice profit once it goes through.

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