SPAC Fractionals & Few Common Shares ✅ [Done]

Hi @David @Rumen @Martin @PeterA

I’m trying to recreate the SPCX ETF seeing as it can’t be added however there are some SPAC’s that either aren’t fractional just yet, and/or missing their Common Shares for whatever reason?

On Trading 212 just not fractional;

AGCB (Altimeter Growth Corp)
APSG (Apollo Strategic Growth)
FTIV (Fintech Acquisition Corp)
DGNR (Dragoneer Growth Opportunities)
IPOD (Social Capital Hedosphia)
PRPB (CC Neuberger Principal HO)
TWCT (TWC Tech Holdings II Corp)
AVAN (Avanti Acquisition Corp)
CRHC (Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp)
ETAC (E.MERGE Technology Acquisition)
RBAC (REDBALL Acquisition Corp)
VYGG (VY Global Growth)
RTP (Reinvent Technology)
FTOC (FTAC Olympus Acquisition)
GOAC (GO Acquisition Corp)
HZAC (Horizon Acquisition Corp)
GRSV (Gores Holdings V INC)
TREB (Trebia Acquisition Corp)
CMLF (CM Life Sciences Inc)
QELL (Qell Acquisition Corp)
SEAH (Sports Entertainment Acquisition)
HEC (Hudson Executive)
DEH (D8 Holdings Corp)
CPSR (Capster Special Purpose Acquisition)
JYAC (Jiya Acquisition Corp)
OMEG (Omega Alpha SPAC)

Not on Trading 212 and Common Shares available on IBKR;

NASDAQ:BOWX (Bowx Acquisition Corp)
NYSE:IMPX (AEA-Bridges Impact Corp)
NASDAQ:SVAC (Starboard Value Acquisition)
NYSE:OACB (Oaktree Acquisition Corp)
NASDAQ:DCRB (Decarbonization Plus Acquisition)
NASDAQ:DSAC (Duddell Street Acquisition)
VALUE:DDMX (DD3 Acquisition CORP II) Assuming this won’t be possible?
NASDAQ:AHAC (Alpha Healthcare Acquisition)

Appreciate it’s a big long list, just if you have the time.

Thanks in advance.


Too late befor the weekend @David @Rumen @PeterA @Martin?


The only SPACs that we didn’t have were OTRA & BOWX - both have been added & everything has been “fractionalized”.


That’s odd, I searched for them here first and couldn’t see them show up? :man_shrugging: That was via the web right enough, is there a known issue, or did I just mess up? :see_no_evil:

Brilliant as always though, cheers mate! :+1:

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