Stuck on Processing.. again

Same issue. I have been waiting all day
Still pending

Are we going to get ANY word from the team here? Many people still have stuck cancellations and it’s costing us money


Worst stuff wrote to chat in app and what you know, got closed without any response. Created a thread here to hear why it happens:/ at least say we have issues or so, but got just closed without a response


same happened to me a few mins ago, i’m still trying to think this is all a bad nightmare. who closes a help chat without even waiting to check with me. the chat’s were now delayed by 5 mins coming in, making them think i wasn’t paying attention whereas reality is i’m on the edge of my seat, can’t work, shitting with anxiety over my money.


Same here, been stuck on processing for 2 half hours now.
No help from chat,
Try and fob you off


I got both mine filled in the end. One at a price some 3% worse off and the second slightly more than one percent worse off. Both got filled some 15 minutes too late. NOT HAPPY.

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So I tried it out, seems like the only sell orders that are stuck are ones set before a certain time, because I can cancel an order just fine now.

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this is the problem. i can bet you my life i placed all these orders (as pie rebalances) Sunday afternoon and the history shows it was placed today. NO WAY IN HELL IS THIS TRUE OR ACCURATE! @David @PeterA @L.D @George


5 of my pies are stuck in rebalancing and orders for them haven’t even been set up. how is that even possible or even fair?!?!?!


We’re working on fixing the few orders that still appear as stuck.


Can some one from 212 explain what is going on???

Instead of leaving all there customers stressing out about all the pending cancellation and order requests,
Common courtesy.


I second all of this :blush:


Wrote here: Online chat does not help at all!

Yeah chat did not respond at all and I’m not alone it seems

Thank you! Good news :relieved::relieved:

all mine have gone through except for a buy order on Colgate

Orders placed after 15:30 UK time that appear as stuck or canceling have probably been filled at the correct execution price (the one during the moment the order was placed), the issue is a delay in visualizing the successful fill or cancel. That’ll be corrected shortly, apologies again for the inconvenience.


Hope so, want to withdraw money from pie to invest in other stocks and now money stuck still :frowning:

Yeah I guess the main issue is having the money stuck and being unable to reinvest. Glad it’s getting worked on though :+1:t2:

When you say « shortly » what do you mean ? Is it in a minute, an hour, a day ?

Is it possible to be more precise please ?


My pie is still not finished and stuck at order processing. It was started at around 10AM. The last ticker is Upwork UPWK, which is super liquid but after 3.5 hours of market open, it’s still pending.

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Surely a responsible company would advise it’s customers of severe service issues?

This really is poor by Trading 212.

I would urge people to make their feelings known via the various review websites as the response here has been absolutely pathetic.