Sunday trading of stocks?

Spending more time to learn the platform today, but was wondering why some stocks (e.g. Apple) change in value ? Like they are being traded on Sunday ? I was expecting the chart to have stopped on Friday…

If I right click on Apple and access the info I can see the market hours… Sunday is in light blue… what does that mean ?

the CFD trading market is open 6 days a week, while Equities are only open 5, plus the CFD market lasts for more of the day than Equities.

additionally, various companies will be on multiple exchanges and so if a market is open elsewhere in the world then that can have some influence on the pricing of that companies stock.

plus you then have the FX rate which is almost always calculated live, with exception to weekends.

sunday being in light blue means it is closed. notice that the weekdays use a darker blue to indicate opening times and the light blue is just for indicating the current day of the week.

Hello @Dao sorry to pick this one up but it’s all related to the other big thread of limit orders…

So was looking at the virtual CFD account to check pre-market prices as suggested by @Vedran

Looking right now, take for instance APPL and BARC. On the instrument details I can see APPL trades up to 1am in the morning every day. BARC on Monday for 24hrs ? …

Now if that’s correct I don’t understand why the platform says the market is closed for BARC but not for APPL. And I guess the price I see APPL will have at 1am on Tuesday will be the price of market opening on Tueday ?

Hold on, maybe I understood. Light blue is to highlight the day of the week so BARC doesn’t do after hours tradings ? If yes, then can someone explain the jump of this morning ? I’ve been told it was to do with pre-market trades… I guess instead is just the volume of orders that made BARC jump and ignore my limit order as the price was already above it before even reaching the top of the orders queue ?

Maybe this can help

That is the one. Thanks @Vedran.

I was indeed used to crypto trading were there’s no gapping. High volatility yes, but no gaps.

Hi @Vedran.

Can I ask how Stop Sell and Stop Limit sell behave in case of gapping ?

As far I understood Limit orders can be ignored if there’s gapping.


Stock at 10. I set Limit sell at 12. Market opens at 15… my limit sell is ignored. (and fair enough I make more money)

Now what happens in the same scenario with Stop sell and stop limit sell ?

Stock at 10. Market opens at 15. I have a STOP sell at 12. Does that get executed ? Or skipped ?

Wrong logic:)

If you put 12$ sell, market closed price is 15$.

Market opens , gap down to 11.5$ it won’t sell. If price gaps up to 17$, it will sell. As you set minimum price to sell with. Which is above 12$.

Like ways if you put buy at 13$ and price gaps down to 11.50$ it will trigger buy. Because you set buy under 13$.