Tech sector 🎈

Fortunately I had some cash spare so I bought some Iridium Communications, I’d been looking into it for a while but didn’t like the price.

It’s almost like being stopped out of my swing trades was good thing :sweat_smile: :thinking:

I don’t like to wake up the flame war that is Tesla, so I’ve spoilered, but I’m impressed at the bounce from earlier

I don’t know if we’re going to get it anytime soon now🤦‍♂️ My buy zone is probably too low at 20

This doesn’t look like T212 to me… :thinking:

Bit off topic but, nope! It’s TradingView.

I personally prefer them for my charting for the below over what T212 offers. I love the app and commission free Invest & ISA accounts from T212, but, their charting lacks for me. Just note it uses a Cboe BZX feed not a Bloomberg feed so the chart data will be slightly different to T212

  • Full history of instrument (Probably one of the key things missing on T212)
  • Volume profiles (Pro feature)
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Earnings dates
  • Scroll to zoom
  • Stock splits (which on T212 don’t show correctly for the top reason)
  • Plus a few other usability features

On a side note, if anyone knows anything like those point in T212 which I’ve missed then I’ll happily be corrected :+1:

To take it back to topic quickly, anyone else surprised at the trading ranges today? Hit some stops today that by the end of the day had reversed themselves!? Corsair (CRSR) was my main one that surprised me!

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I’m bullish on PLTR even at this price point. Loading up tomorrow!

Before tesla, square, microstrategy, paypal and even my one of my favorite online investment advisors (Motley Fool) bought bitcoin they must have a good reason reason for the crypto which has existed for more than a decade.

I think if we don’t want to follow the trend of big players we should provide solid DD on why we think it’s a bad decision when genuises in tech and innovation are diving head first to BTC, I exposed my self to Argo and Canaan following the trend of this generations innovators and captains.

If the world’s largest asset manager (BlackRock) is invested in BTC I’m very comfortable adding it to my portfolio.


Definitely, I was scared that after lockup expiration there will be a massive dump but PLTR seems relatively stable.

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Anyone who believes in innovation shouldn’t be worried about a few corrections in the tech sector, as long as you did good DD before buying all you have to do is buy the dip if you can afford it.

Covid-19 has shown us a lot of things can be done differently and in every war or pandemic that’s when we’re most innovative so I’ll follow the trend of innovation which is fintech, biotech(especially genomics), big data analysis/AI and renewable energy.

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I’d have been happy with $23-24…

Yeah @obrienciaran I ended up buying a few yesterday out of spite, but it was a small average up rather than down, which grinds my gears.

It may grind your gears right now, but with the growth and government contracts Palantir showed in the past year, once they reach 50, or 100 (who knows!) you will be delighted!

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True. $50 is the first PT but I can see this up between $100-200 in the future.