Tesla battery day will be epic!

So how did it go guys? Epic?


Buy the dip, steady as she goes. :trolleybus:

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There are still 2.5 weeks until my paycheck, hope it goes down even more.

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Well… the video showed the car in motion :clown_face:

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I wasn’t that interested in the plaid, but the advances in the battery tech, the improvements to lithium and nickel processing and the new aluminium alloy were all really interesting, also making batteries as part of the structure makes sense but worries me on how difficult replacing them would be. Overall I was really impressed. 56% cost reduction $/kWh and 54% longevity increase is significant.

Also 3 years timeline for all this to happen is amazingly short considering the amount of work required and entry level $25000 brand new tesla cars is really good. If they can deliver on all these promises then the future is looking really good.


I’m not sure Laguna seca has high enough hills to pull off a Trevor though :sweat_smile:

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I thought this too. But remember the car is stamped into two halves. The car isn’t made up of lots of intricate parts.

Exactly, they’re at least a decade ahead. The cost reductions are going to make electric a no brainier. Affordable and much cheaper to run

Which is exactly why I said this. They have a competitive advantage on every important front right now and far into the future

I was also impressed in their confidence at keeping an advantage even while making their patents available to all for free. Guess it doesn’t hurt to have an insane leader backed by a group of engineering geniuses

He’s got the culture down. He wants you to work hard or he’ll replace you. Nobody gets a pass. And having patents is the polar opposite of their mission- it would delay the transition to sustainable energy!

Oh I understand that, and also anyone using them would only be following in their footsteps rather than innovating.

but if just learn a bit with Apple how to do their events, they will go 2DMoon much faster :rocket::first_quarter_moon_with_face:

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Zoom heading to 500, next stop 1000

You mean “here is last year’s model but in 2 new colours, for only double the price” and everyone still buys it?

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Can’t deny it is working well for them though :wink:

Oh for sure, it’s hard to believe just how well it works :joy:

There is a good page to track all this lovely :gift:


also “we removed this thing… who uses it anyway”

it works :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

I have engineers that I know half of their key presses they use are function keys. Same engineers dance with joy when the function keys got removed from mac book pros, and said this is genius. Now they all work with external keyboards… :man_shrugging: I know about the touch bar, and well aware you can change it to function keys. But it is not the same thing as having a “key” there with the tactile feedback you get. Because these are people (normally) never look at the keyboard while typing.

same engineers admit that they are given outdated technology by at least 1-2 years but they again swear that it is magically faster than other laptops even when we do the same compilation side by side, and a random laptop (black and ugly) finishes same compile in half the time mac book pro finishes :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging::man_shrugging:

disclaimer, i get a mac book pro update via company every year when it is released…


The “not real investors” didn’t like much the yesterday’s event :joy:

it it’s just @Vedran manipulating the stonk price :money_with_wings:

Elon’s delivery of innovative information was very poor yesterday. I believe he’ll learn from this, he’s an intelligent man.