Tesla to recall 36,126 Model S and X vehicles in China over touch-screen failures

Tesla to recall 36,126 Model S and X vehicles in China over touch-screen failures


Couple more of these hick-ups and people will start to think that tesla engineering/production is second class (maybe it really is). That speedy production ramp up is starting to take its toll. Especially European customers take this very seriously.
I am curious if Tesla will be able to compete once competition has its own EVs rolling out of their factories.

A tad scary…
When the memory devices fail, owners can experience unnerving touch-screen blackouts while driving and lose access to controls that they need to feel safe on the road or while parking. Sometimes, drivers can reboot their systems, but others lose access to the display and controls of the touch screen entirely.

I definitely would not say this is concerning to be honest. Recalls happen all the time in the automotive world, a lot for much more dangerous faults. Just look at the Takata airbag recall for example.

Or my BMW 3er for example, built in '07, recalled last year as there is a risk it would just randomly catch fire due to faulty wiring around the blower motor.

Full disclosure I do not own a Tesla, or the stock.

The point is Tesla stock is priced for perfection. If they slip up, they give ground to their reasonably priced competition. Product recalls show their manufacturing is quite poor, which ties in with other reports I have read. I note Takata went bankrupt four years after their recall, so it can hardly be called no big deal!

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My point exactly, I agree. I am really curious (and excited) how market will evolve this year. So many open questions