Thoughts on NKLA?

Yea, I don’t like Trevor, gut said something is up with him.

I’ve put my free share money on NKLA tonight as a punt, but once its up a tad, it’s gone. Worse case … im down £7 lol


No! :triangular_flag_on_post: galore


Haha yes.

Every time I hear “Nikola”, all I can hear in my head is “Nick all o’ya” … money.

I’m certain they will fail, just needs a bit of time.
First Ponzi scheme of the EV world :rofl:

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It’s a shame as I don’t think there’s anything malicious in what he’s doing. He just seems a bit of a boob.

I’ve been out for a while and thought I might go back in when they got to mid 30s. But I keep chucking more cash into Hyliion instead.

If anyone played 29 to 34 then kudos.

With earnings coming up it’s going to get messy. I see it goin in at 25 and dropping on earnings day.

I’ll buy at 15.


Let us know when it is at 15 ;).
I may have a look at getting 1 or 2 shares.

:sweat_smile: alert set!

I do like :popcorn: this stock. Still a bit gutted I didn’t load up when it was VTIQ when it was $20. But it was already way overvalued at the time, and returning to $11 was more likely than towards $100.

It’s in a good position chart wise if it was a normal stock. As its not I’m not touching it.

How you feeling about SPAQ ($13) and SHLL ($19) in that case? Getting your feet wet?

Continuing this from back in June I noticed this start up trying to bring it to a consumer level.

Could be one to watch for the future

I believe Chinese EV companies are at much better position than Nikola. If I am buying in EV market I’ll go for Chinese companies because they have better future, production costs are lower etc

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Garbage garbage trucks that will never see the light of day.

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Not sure if you understand what garbage garbage trucks of garbage full of garbage means.

:face_vomiting: I’m pretty sure it means Nikola.

I won’t be interested in nkla, even if they get asked to make every single vehicle in the world, I’m until they show they can even make one. Can’t stand people that are all talk but have nothing to back it up

I think you guys are lacking a better vision of the future :crystal_ball:
you will be better served by those traditional dinosaur companies like Tesla. :t_rex:

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Tesla’s my T-Rex :t_rex: :heart_eyes:

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A bit of egg of my face :exploding_head: I’m dumbfounded there’s actually substance to Trevor’s :speaking_head::

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This is entirely not stock related, but, may be of interest for people interested in the whole EV, fuel cell tech

Building trucks with natural gas like at previous demos? Roll only vehicles? I get you’re a fanboy for whatever reason but people were also pro SXX and the guy has a history of fraud: