Today's total return

‘Today’s (total) return’ feature, at least in percentage, would be great.


Hi @George, you have something like that on the pipeline?

This is such an important feature, I can not believe it is not there! I started using an excel sheet just to track daily total returns and other metrics.

Sure there is such feature. Basically go to daily chart, check value of portfolio pre 8:00 GMT, then compare to value after 21:00 GMT.

Or if market is still open compare pre 8:00, to current value.

Voila, there is your daily %.

Very practical, why didn’t I remember that before? Thanks. :thinking:

My daily P/L… but not from Trading 212 :neutral_face:

Captura de ecrã 2020-12-04, às 05.49.57

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@berkaydemirel You can enter your portfolio in With the free membership you can have a lot of information of your portfolio, see the image with daily P/L I upload a moment ago. Another image:

But you can customise it and even change your portfolio’s currency:

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I hope it helps, I have been trying to find free portfolio management softwares for several weeks. I also use Barchart and StockRover but is probably the best one for me.

Another interesting thing of this is that you will know the exact profits you could have made without the fx impact and (in my case) the (I think) US taxes. The following image is from trading 212 (my REAL total return); compare with total return I uploaded earlier (in Barchart is similar) and you can have an idea:

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At least I know now that my portfolio is not so bad, taxes and FX impact are the bad ones :slightly_smiling_face: