Top 5 stocks for 212 members

I didn’t hear no bell.


I’m still holding TDOC, but stopped averaging down at around $75. :face_with_head_bandage:
Used to be the 4th largest stock in my portfolio.
Is there a dedicated TDOC thread in the community?

I don’t think so. I haven’t added for a while either and don’t think I will be here either. I’m saddened to see the guidance relaxed only a few weeks after a good talk at the Healthcare Conference. It’s still doing ok though as a company - so we’ll have to see.

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TBH i think the market over reacted on this occasion so i have opened a small position, i could be wrong time but would tell


I think this is reality coming for plenty of high risk, priced in hyper growth for next 5+ years. But also broader market.

So far many have followed the “BABA” path, cash burning traps will obliterate first. This has room to fall even further. Only limit is 0…


We used to think oil couldn’t go negative…


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It will be forced back down to near zero at some point, it has to. Our world needs to discourage industries that harm the single world we all live in.

The next thing, imo will be - what industries will thrive from clean/cheap energy. Green Steel is one example.

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Lots of us are in the BABA boat. It’s gonna be a long journey! :motor_boat:
It’s still my #1 holding.

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Safestyle, insulation, windows, double glazing…

I’ve heard they’ve got some great deals. Everyone’s talking about them.

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Oh why don’t you BOGOF?

Been a while, top 10 stocks:

Abbott 5.2%
Berkshire 5.1%
Alphabet 4.6%
Amazon 4.2%
AMD 4.1%

Lockheed Martin 3.9%
Kellogg 3.9%
Abbvie 3.9%
Autodesk 2.9%
Applied Materials 2.8%

Only just noticed the jump between 8 & 9. Mix of LMT & K doing well while ADSK & AMAT haven’t I suppose.

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adsk will do fine in the long run, I’m adding more. Its just that its valuation was too high before.

Lockheed is set up for a good 5 years, glad I kept adding all these years

Agree, still topping up both

Why is there a slice of cake next to my name?


It’s your anniversary as you’ve joined community on 5th May 2 years ago

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My top 5 are:
Johnson & Johnson

Latest top 10 for me:

Abbott 5.1%
Alphabet 4.9%
Berkshire 4.6%
Amazon 4.5%
Kellogg 4.1%

AMD 4.0%
Abbvie 3.9%
Lockheed Martin 3.5%
Transunion 3.0%
Autodesk 3.0%

Lockheed Martin valuation sliding slightly. I’ve made fairly chunky top ups to Alphabet and Transunion. Applied Materials has dropped out the top 10, I’ve stopped buying them and been diversifying into ASML and Lam Research instead.

sup friends im new here

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Welcome! Hope you’ll have a good time :hugs:


Top 3 are 75% of the folio

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