Top 5 stocks for 212 members

Updated top 10:

Abbott 4.7%
Berkshire 4.6%
Alphabet 4.4%
Netflix 4.3%
AMD 3.5%

Amazon 3.4%
FMC 3.2%
Oracle 3.0%
Starbucks 2.9%
Autodesk 2.9%

Not bought or sold much but Tech making a move while defensives have slid a bit.


Legal & General 21%
Jungheinrich 18%
TriTax Eurobox 17%
Developed Asia Ex-Japan ETF 10%
Sylvania Platinum 9%

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My top 5 would be

3i group (by a long way)
HG capital
Montanaro European small companies
2 Vietnam investment trusts
Georgia capital

Possibly Murray International

Here’s my latest:


Lisa: VWRL


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Now we know why the UK market is so cheap!!

What do you mean? Because people are largely buying US based Global companies?

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Yeah, tbh I don’t rate that many UK companies. Regulations, different culture, poor decision making prevents growing profits the same way US and other companies are forecast to grow theirs.

I do have a handful though. Diageo, Halma, Astra Zeneca, Hargreaves Lansdown (undecided if HL is sitting on a nice discount or a duffer destined for the chop). Also B&M, which is Luxembourg officially, and probably not a hold forever stock.

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Here are mine:


Hermès 7.7%
Ferrari 6.7%
Microsoft 4.1%
Mastercard 3.7%
Porsche SE 2.5%

(Etsy’s dropped off, in part due to a damning report from a damnable short-seller)

Still saving for some milk in 2031, though only half a pint now.

What a difference 2 months makes, AMD flying and Abbott falling away.

AMD 4.5%
Alphabet 4.4%
Berkshire 4.3%
Abbott 4.0%
Netflix 3.8%

Amazon 3.3%
Oracle 2.9%
Kellogg 2.8%
FMC 2.8%
Adobe 2.8%

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Anyone got Puma?

They have great players on their books now such as Neymar, Grealish, Zinchencko, Xhaka and Griezmann.

Defiantly will help with sales and no doubt will sign more.

Still undecided with my top 5.

But some I have are:

Brookfield Corp

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Alphabet 4.6%
Berkshire 4.6%
Abbott 4.4%
AMD 4.3%
Netflix 3.8%

Amazon 3.3%
Oracle 3.0%
Kellogg 2.9%
Tranunion 2.8%
Microsoft 2.7%

Potentially a lot less interesting than it used to be.

Well that escalted quickly…

AMD 5.4%
Alphabet 4.9%
Berkshire 4.3%
Netflix 4.0%
Abbott 3.9%

Amazon 3.6%
Oracle 3.1%
Transunion 2.9%
Adobe 2.9%
Microsoft 2.8%

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Sliced some profits off the top of AMD, Oracle and a couple of smaller positions. Reinvested in FMC amongst others.

Alphabet 4.8%
AMD 4.4%
Berkshire 4.3%
Netflix 4.2%
Abbott 3.8%

Amazon 3.6%
Adobe 3.0%
Transunion 3.0%
FMC 2.9%
Adobe 2.8%

Not so sure on this one - their crackdown on password sharing will either raise profits through FOMO or dive. How many streaming accounts do people need? Prime / Disney / NowTV / AppleTV / HBOMAX / iPlayer……

Longer term I’m not sure about Adobe (and agree with @Dougal1984 about Netflix). Adobe have, for years, amazed me at their ability to charge a premium for their tools (which I agree are amongst the best). The reason I’m less convinced now is because of the infamous AI. Adobe have released some initial AI based tools and they seem to be pretty good and seem to generate better images than some of the other first version tools. However, my doubt about Adobe being able to maintain past dominance/strength are three fold. First AI will generate a whole raft of competitors most will be inferior but Adobe will have to compete with lots of new competitors (and old competitors also adopting AI in their tools). Secondly, it seems to me that a potential consequence of the AI tools is that there will be less graphic designers… If Adobe new AI tools can create things that tool hours or days before then suddenly the companies using it become much more efficient and thus need less people for the same output and thus need less licenses. Maybe there will be some magic bullet that dramatically increases the demand for the graphic artists and designers but I don’t see it so at the moment I have a concern that a dramatic increase in tool functionality means less tools are required meaning lower revenues. The third problem I see from AI is that AI may bypass some of Adobes traditional customers/licensees. Maybe not the current generation of AI but certainly a gen in the next couple of years. AI is very good at predicting a populations (and individuals) response to something thus the big discussion about its potential influence on elections, politics and marketing in general. At some stage AI will be fairly competent at dealing with the request “design me an add for MyWidget for the xyz target market”. That avoids going to a team of expensive marketing, ad, designer people… and bypasses Adobe tools. Maybe there is still someone involved who uses an Adobe license but essentially there is the potential to substantial shrink Adobe’s market. Maybe Adobe will stay one step ahead and be the leading provider of the AI tools to do these things and not only provide AI tools that deliver this massive functionality increase but also do so at a price that maintains there current valuation. That might happen but is far from proven. In the video world there are similar challenges ahead

I’d be amazed if it doesn’t raise profits. While some customers will make a fuss, the majority will be obvious and/or activity take up a second account so they dont miss out