Trading halted?

What is going on?

I’m getting a trading halt message on all of my etfs including EQGB, CSH2, VWRP and VUAG

“trading in this instrument is currently halted”

Has something happened in the markets or is this an error?

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I’ve noticed the same thing, funny enough it’s only the stocks/ETF’s that I’m currently invested in and that are held in my ISA. One thing that they all have in common is that they have fractional shares….makes you wonder if HMRC have finally pulled the trigger…

I’m investing through an invest account and for me it seems to be all ETFs, not just the ones I’m invested in.

It’s not just ISA. CSH2 I’m holding outside ISA is halted also.

And it’s only ETF it seems. Individual stocks ok inside and outside.

I left my PC for 10 minutes and came back and thought something really bad had happened and a circuit breaker had been triggered, but it just seems like a T212 issue.

**** Thursday, 19/10/2023 15:26:44**

for London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange is currently investigating an incident. Currently only FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and IOB securities are available for trading.

We are undertaking immediate analysis and will provide further updates through our live service portal:**


@Scott, that’s right, indeed. Once the halt is lifted, trading will resume as usual.

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Just noticed in the last 20 mins that it suspended about 15:30 or so following a ‘system issue’ or ‘incident’… Market now closed anyway.

@Mcmalloch, the situation is beyond our control, so we cannot provide a timeframe.


Just checking PZC has been halted on T212 but not showing halted on Hargreaves, tho i didn’t place order on HL to avoid their high fees? @Bogi.H

There was a brief halt on our end due to a risk management check. The instrument is now quoting again and trading as usual. Apologies if this caused any inconvenience :pray: