Trading suspended: notification and next steps

Today, Shanta Gold (SHG) was suspended from trading. This is fine, as the stock will be delisted on Monday and I was aware. However, it would be nice if T212 sent me a notification about this. Some investors might not be aware of all the news of their holdings.
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Request: notifications for trading suspensions of open positions

On a related note, I have this stock in a pie. Shanta has agreed to compensate shareholders at £0.1485 per share, which is ok, but what will happen to these funds? Specifically, how will it affect my pie? Will the funds be redistributed to the other assets of the pie, or will the funds just be added to my account as cash?

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Thanks for sharing your feedback once again, @maxkshaw :pray:

Currently, we send more information about such events once the delisting is executed. In the notification, we provide all of the details regarding the position and what took place. Still, I see how a notification that an instrument is suspended can be a good addition to the trading notices we place in such cases, and will forward your feedback.

Once the event is executed, the funds will be added to your Pie’s cash. You can then manually distribute the funds to the rest of the holdings within your Pie, or if you’re using AutoInvest, the system will automatically distribute the funds with your next deposit. You will also be able to move the funds from your Pie’s cash to your account’s free funds.

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Thanks Momchil. Much appreciated!